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Cosmic Frisby is a rock band in London.
Ken(Guitar/Vocals) and Takuro(Bass) were in a same high shool in 2006. They got influenced by rock music from the UK, and started playing together and decided to go to London to play music. At the beggining, Takuro was playing the guitar but he was forced to play the bass because in their first band, they didn't have a bassist.
For 3 years after their graduation, Ken was writing so many songs. He became an one of the greatest songwriter and vocalist by that experience. Takuro moved to Tokyo in 2008 for the university and started playing Jazz which helped him build melodic bass lines.
In 2011, they finally moved to London which they had been dreaming to play in.
On 7th of May 2012, they first appeared in public and did open mic at a local pub called The Enterprise.
One week after that, they did open mic at the same pub and met Moribones who is a great artist. On that night, there were only Cosmic Frisby and Moribones doing open mic in a pub. "We met him necessarily." ,said Cosmic Frisby.

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