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  • 出身地

    Sankt Paul im Lavanttal, Kärnten, オーストリア

The four friends who comprise Tokyo, Japan’s CLEAVE first got together in 1999 during high school, where they started off by covering NOFX, No Use For a Name, Pennywise, and Bon Jovi songs for fun. After a few lineup changes and a few years to harness in some new influences, the band soon discovered their true sound. Now, the Japanese four-piece set out to write fast, melodic, and emotional punk songs in the vein of Rise Against, Strike Anywhere, and Hot Water Music, with elements of Hardcore, Post Hardcore, and Pop music weighing in as well. STRIFE singer Rick Rodney even contributes guest vocals to the first track on the EP, “Skeletons in the Closet”.

Cleave have based their songs around keeping your head straight, and persevering through struggle and turmoil in hopes of finding true peace. The band’s lyrical themes compliment the music perfectly, as “The Circle” EP boasts a combination of uplifting and morose themes and tones. Fans of pop punk, Epitaph/Fat Punk melodic skate punk, and even hardcore will find a common ground in CLEAVE’s unique and refreshing take on modern punk rock.

The band has toured numerous times, even having visited the United States in 2004 alongside Fuck the Forest- a rare accomplishment for most Japanese bands. The band has also shared the stage abroad alongside the likes of Ignite, Propagandhi, Comeback Kid, Such Gold, H20, The Story So Far, Anchors, and Comadre. With a hunger for the road and a new EP that really showcases the band’s potential having come to fruition, Cleave are ready to turn heads one by one.

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