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2007年 11月 23日 金曜日2007年 11月 25日 日曜日


Klokgebouw 50, Eindhoven, 5617 AB, Netherlands

Tel: 040 235 98 88






check 2006 video!


Ken Rinaldo (USA) – Our Daily Dread // Christian Moeller (USA) – Cheese // WHITEvoid / Christopher Bauder (GER) – Electricmo0ns // M. van Bakel & B. Spinhoven – Time Ring // Olaf Mooij – Hersenauto // E. Domnitch & D. Gelfand (RUS) – Camera Lucida: Sonochemical Observatory // Marnix de Nijs – Beijing Accelerator // Edwin van der Heide – Pneumatic Sound Field // Sonia Cillari (IT) – Se Mi Sei Vicino (If You Are Close To Me) // Jiacong Yan (USA) – Whisper // PIPS:lab – Luma2solator // The Game of Life – The 192 Loudspeaker Experience // Freerk Wieringa – Hand / Dog // Informationlab – Cell Phone Disco // Jonas Vorwerk – Lightbox Sequencer // MEC (FR) – Motor Karaoke // Adriaan Stellingwerff (NL/AUS) – Eternal Sunset // Susigames (GER) – Edgebomber // Dirk Eijsbouts – TFT Tennis // Pascual Sisto (ESP) – Push/Pull // Jelte van Abbema – Virtureel // Johannes Taelman (BE) – I-Robot // Hugo Vrijdag – De Betekenaar // G. van Bon, M. Liefting & MAD – TAOS // Ramon Schreuder – i_AM: installation // Theodore Watson (USA) – Vinyl Workout // E. Groen & P. de Vries – Big Jim // R. Kok, J. Oliemans & N. Lelieveld – ShameStation // J. Strijbos & R. van Rijswijk – SoundSpots


Live cinema:
Kurt Hentschläger (AUT) – Feed // Scanner & TeZ (UK) – Blindscape // D-Fuse (UK) - Latitude // Bas van Koolwijk – FCBCK/AV 3D // sxs enterprise (NL/GER) – fear_lab // Otolab (IT) – Circo Ipnotico // Echran (IT) – Offret (Sacrifice) // Het vleesgeworden videowoord – AV Scaping Series // VJ Neef – Winner Visuals Sensations ‘06/’07

Cacahuetes Inc. (ESP) presents: The synchronized dance of the magnetic peanuts // Phocas Kroon - De poppen aan het dansen // Frank Theys - Technocalyps

George Pal - Philips films // NIAF Stop motion compilatie // Juan Antin (ARG) - Mercano el Marciano // The District // Elephants Dream // Blender compilatie // Ars Electronica compilatie // Job, Joris en Marieke compilatie // Floris Kaayk - Metalosis Maligna // Mieke Gerritzen - Beautiful World

Video Art:
Guerilla Scope samengesteld door Zesde Kolonne // Optronica compilatie (UK) // Cinefeel compilatie (UK) // Radar Festival - Radar Films


Joji Inc (Johanne Saunier & Jim Clayburgh) – IM-agined // R. Henke (aka Monolake) and C. Bauder (GER) - ATOM // Die Audio Gruppe (GER) - Audio Ballerina’s // PIPS:lab – DieSpace // Edwin van der Heide – Laser Sound Performance // Gato Bizar – True love // Staalplaat Soundsystem – Yokomono // Electric Circus – Melodious Monk // J. Westendorp, A. Tseng & D. Janssens – Tijdwerk


Gijs Gieskes & Karl Klomp: Circuitbending workshop // firestARTer & Lo-bat: Gameboy- ringtone workshop // Muzieklab Brabant: Ringtone Machine

Koert van Mensvoort & Ken Rinaldo: Paradise by the laptop light // Agora talkshow over innovatie en copyright met o.a. Eboman // Floris Kaayk // Marco Mancuso (IT): Digicult // Joeri Kassenaar: Blender // Sonja de Leeuw: Erik de Vries // Frank Theys: Technocalyps / Transhumanisme


Thursday 22 november – Openingsconcert The Chemical Brothers
21.00 – 0.00 uur

Friday 23 november
13.00 – 6.00 uur

Een dagticket is geldig van 13.00 – 20.00 uur.

Een combiticket is geldig van 13.00 – 6.00 uur.

Saturday 24 november
13.00 – 6.00 uur

Een dagticket is geldig van 13.00 – 20.00 uur.

Een combiticket is geldig van 13.00 – 6.00 uur.

Sunday 25 November
13.00 – 23.00 uur

Live cinema, robotics, interactive installations, workshops, lectures, an animation festival, and of course, a lot of music and parties: that's what the STRP art & technology festival has in store for you! The second edition of the STRP festival will take place in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven from Novembeer 23 through November 25, 2007.

The connecting theme of the art festival STRP is technology. Check out for yourself how visual arts, design, performing arts, film, and popular culture develop and flourish through the implementation of new and existing technologies. Get ready for three days and two nights of sensory delights offered by more than one hundred acts, installations, and artists!

The location of the festival itself is a history-laden experience. The characteristic Klokgebouw is situated at Strijp-S, Philips' former 'forbidden city'. This used to be the incubator of many technological inventions, the place where cassette and the CD were invented, where the first all-electronic music album was recorded and where even the famous Einstein once worked.

STRP Festival proudly presents The Chemical Brothers as the opening act of the festival.
STRP is a stunning festival, a fusion of art and technology. The festival takes place in the Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, The Netherlands from 22 - 25 November 2007.

The focus of the daytime activities is a large-scoped expo presenting a wide range of mind-blowing robotics, interactive art, video art, and live cinema. Also, there will be various workshops, performances, and lectures. In the evening and night, all activities are centred on music, and we're definitely planning on taking out all the stops.

Keep an eye on website because we will present you the rest of the (music)programme very soon!

STRP Festival opening concert (Chemical Brothers)
22 November
20:00 - 00:00
Klokgebouw, Strijp-S, Eindhoven
€ 34,- ex. fee
Ticket info for the rest of the festival available soon

出演アーティスト (30) 名

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参加者 241 人

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