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Surrounded by Rome's metropolitan soul, the sound of Statale 66 was born in the bedroom of the two young Meozzi brothers: Alex and Giulia. Starting from the passion for psychedelic and early early 60’s rock and childhood love for the cult Italian B-movies soundtracks (Ennio Morricone,Goblin) the two brothers evolved in a more baroque pop direction meeting Mary Di Tommaso as a perfect bland third part for vocal harmonies.
With Alex’s acid guitar riff and passion for wall of sound, Giulia’s minimal and hammering drumming and Mary's vocal harmonies, the Statale 66 fix with the rock revival of the '00's with the first album “Ex Tempore”, produced by the indie label G&M recorfonic owed by the famous actor and musician "Greg” (Lillo e Greg). The trio steps on the gas with the psychedelic component, writing and recording the soundtrack of “IL CASTELLO” (2011), theatre adaction of the Kafka’s novel by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti. From the collaboration with the tv show “Stracult” aired on the national channel Rai 2, where the band play rearranged versions of movies soundtracks, the album “Stracult” (Beat Records) comes to life. The album Is composed by covers extracted from the show's earliest episodes and “Doggie Surf”: an original surf guitar driven song, with Pulp fascination and delirious voices in the B52s style.
In 2017 Rock trip Vol 1 was released. Word wide distributed by GoodFellas label, Rock Trip was intended to be the first 2 of 6 different sections, each one providing a trip inside feelings and music genres, imaginary of growth in terms of emotions. Alex, producing the album, began co-owner of the label G&M recorfonic. In the 2018 The band released Rock-a-my head: a classic rock/folk album with a more minimalist arrangement, led by guitar riffs and born with metropolitan restlessness lyrics, co-writed with Lora Ferrarotto (Lora and The Stalkers). Mainstream critics (La Repubblica”, “Il Messaggero”) define the album as “the band's artistic maturity”. The song “Because it's you” became the theme song of the TV show “Le Cose Cambiano?” broadcasted by national TV channel RAI5.
On July 24 the EP "Principessa" - OST of the short film "Principessa" directed by Riccardo Fabrizi, with Arturo Muselli (Gomorra); Rosa Diletta Rossi (Suburra) - will be released.

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