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nearr is a one-man band from Ukraine. Started in September 2012 as a recording-only artist, a side project of CITY OF ME.

It has been decided to compile a few recorded songs into an EP. DIE EP is a self-released record (November 2012). It was followed by IN RAGE EP (April 2013), that was also a revelation and quite a personal record. After the moderate success of both records, nearr started working on a full-length feature for a French label beko. Released on February 13, 2014, the album continues the musical and lyrical style of the predecessor, but features some space-themed songs. nearr describes the record as "rewinding an old space journey videotape: surfy love song, weightless-statey song, instrumental ode to nice sunny weather, shadow song, dedication to a last day (on earth), instrumentals inspired by air pits and documentaries and, at last, a looped rainy goodbye song". In October 2014, beko released DEAD RAGE LP, which "can be regarded as nearr's second LP", although it comprises songs from first two EPs.

PALE YOUTH was nearr's first album to be released on limited-edition white cassettes in early 2015. The record received positive reviews and was quickly sold out. Later that year, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF LP was released digitally, and in early 2017, the album was released on CDs on Jigsaw Records. "…it's a beautiful example of lo-fi bedroom pop, that combines acoustic and electric guitars with keyboards and drum machines. Take the distant vocals of the Radio Dept., the stark but melodic guitar sound of "Seventeen Seconds"-era The Cure and the overall feel of a The Famous Boyfriend record, and you'll get an idea of what to expect here."

In 2017, nearr is set for a big tour in a full band format before making a new record also set for 2017.

EPs: DIE (s/r, 2012), IN RAGE (s/r 2013)
LPs: VISION (Beko Disques, 2014), PALE YOUTH (Beko Disques, 2015), HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF (s/r, 2015 / Jigsaw Records, 2017)
Compilations: DEAD RAGE (both EPs remastered, Beko Disques, 2014), INTRODUCTION TO… (best-of compilation, Rok Lok Records, 2016)
Misc: Compilado LOFI vol. 4 (Lo-Fi Records, 2013), Compilado LOFI vol. 5 (Lo-Fi Records, 2014), Winter 2016 Mixtape (Rok Lok Records, 2016)


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