• Alphabetical Music - A-ha

    Gen 24 2014, 17:53 di joiedevivre06

    I have a large iTunes library. Not as large as the 9000+ songs I used to have, but it contains a lot of songs nonetheless. 7,636 to be exact, though subject to change as I take away voice memos from my library. (When I write songs, I record demo versions on my phone and they get imported into my library when I sync my phone, so I have a lot of those in my iTunes library.) Even after I burn those to a CD and delete them, I will have over 7,500 songs.

    Because I have so much music, I have decided to do something different this year as far as my listening habits go. I have so much music that does not get played a lot, so starting today, for the next three weeks (because according to my iTunes library, it would take a little over 21 days to play everything in my library), I am going to be listening to everything in my library alphabetically by band/artist. It is certainly an ambitious prospect, but this way everything will get listened to and I will even discover new old favorites!

  • a-ha: Their 20 best

    Apr 10 2012, 20:24 di borntohang

    It's either a-ha or Kent that can rightfully claim to be the best band (not fronted by the Godlike genius Joakim Thåström)to ever come out of Scandinavia. But while Kent is generally considered to be a great band, a-ha has always been forced to fight against being misunderstood as some one-hit-wonder from the plastic 1980's. Nothing could ever be more wrong.
    They made fantastically crafted pop songs, heartwrenching ballads and atmospheric, melancholy crossings inbetween. And more often than not; the lyrics were profound and clever. And that voice... Morten Harket's too-good-for-words voice, hitting every note spot on, both live and in the studio.

    Here are their 20 best. 20 pop songs that deserve a better fate than they will ever get.

    1. Stay On These Roads (1988)
    - The best melancholy and atmospheric pop ballad not written by Robert Smith. Ever. A song that tears me apart. Every time I hear it.

    2. The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (1985)
  • Не стареют душой скандинавы

    Nov 23 2009, 7:12 di daria-lavsan

    Пт 20 Ноя – a-ha
    a-ha - это моя долгая и наследственная платоническая любовь. В конце 1980-х их слушала моя мама. В 2000-х я сама полюбила этих норвежцев и их холодноватую прозрачную музыку.
    Это был второй концерт и по идее последний. Потому и задачу я себе ставила запомнить всё по максимуму, поскольку вряд ли мне представится возможность съездить на прощальный концерт в Осло. Не будучи фанаткой, я не особо спешила - всё равно придётся вертеть головой, чтоб разглядеть всех участников легендарного трио. Как показал дальнейший опыт, 9-10 стоячего ряда оказалось вполне достаточно. И тем не менее, я стремилась занять место по центру. Не только для лучшего обзора всего действа, но и для более комфортного лицезрения г-на по имени Morten Harket, кой своей милой улыбкой и ямочками на щеках свёл с ума не одно поколение школьниц.
    Впервые на моей памяти компания EuroShow сделала всё как надо, а не через-угадайте-что. Это первый случай, когда я честно ставлю десятку - нареканий у меня нет. …
  • a-ha - foot of the mountain live

    Ott 29 2009, 19:10 di Gecko1986

    Di., 27. Okt. – a-ha, Stanfour
    Wenn es nach 25 Jahren Bandbestehen, unzähligen Konzerten, neun Studioalben und dem vor ein paar Jahren erschienenen ersten Livealbum How Can I Sleep With Your Voice in My Head noch eines Beweises bedurft hätte, dass a-ha auch live perfekt funktionieren, so wurde dieser Beweis am Dienstag in der Kölnarena erbracht. Hatte ich mich vor Jahren (muss so um 2004/2005 gewesen sein) noch maßlos geärgert, mein erstes Konzert der drei Norweger verpasst zu haben (bzw. war ich damals aus mir heute unerfindlichen Gründen nicht hingegangen), konnte ich dieses Erlebnis nun endlich nachholen. Und entgegen einiger Meinungen, die ich in diesen Jahren begegnet bin, muss ich sagen, dass Mortens Stimme auch live nichts von ihrer Genialität einbüßt. Zwar war ich in diesem Jahr bereits auf ein paar Konzerten, doch schlug mein selbstbetiteltes Konzerthighlight dieses Jahres alle noch um Längen.
    Zum Auftakt ihrer Tour zum neuen Album Foot Of The Mountain präsentierten sich Pal, Magne und Morten in Höchstform. …
  • Lyrics quiz: The Tip of The Iceberg

    Dic 14 2006, 4:10 di alfvaen

    Another lyrics quiz, the usual deal. Drawn, as were the last few, from one of my favourite-song tapes. Any mistakes are because I was too lazy to Google(or perhaps because I found a page that had mistakes).

    One of these is a cover version by a lesser-known band of a song by a probably better-known band. And one of these is the possibly lesser-known original of a song covered by a better-known artist. Coincidentally, that artist was in one of the bands mentioned above... Only half credit if you guess the wrong artist. Oh, and at least one artist appears on the list twice, though not from the same album, at least.

    You wanna hear about my new obsession?
    I'm riding high upon a deep depression
    Only Happy When It Rains

    Here's your ticket, pack your bags, it's time for goin' overboard
    Transportation is here

    Way to go, Mr. Microphone
    Show us all what you don't know
    Space Dog

    When I'm alone, I think you're near me
  • Obligatory Lyrics Game with Bonus Babble

    Giu 10 2006, 17:54 di Kattastic

    OK, OK. You know the drill...

    If you don't, or, if you have the memory of a goldfish (or your average Teletubbies viewer), then here are the rules 'again! again!' (said in my best Tubbie voice)

    Step 1: Open up whatever MP3 program you use and add every song in your collection.
    Step 2: Put it on random.
    Step 3: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarassing the song.
    Step 4: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
    Step 5: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 6: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    I hasten to add the additional obligatory acknowledgements to the countless others who have trodden this territory before me (or more specifically the charming Sayuri_x, whose rules I cut and pasted above)

    Now I'm going to babble on a bit - so if you're just interested in lyrics, then, as Tim often says to Daisy in Spaced, 'skip to the end'. Otherwise, hang in there a bit. Let the thrill build