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Zach Gill (born May 19, 1975) is a member of the rock and jam band ALO, the band that is perhaps best known as the opening act of Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams tour, although now he has taken a permanent spot in Jack Johnson's band.

Zach Gill, along with Dan Lebowitz, Steve Adams, and David Brogan, forms the current incarnation of ALO. Zach Gill originally held the position of lead vocalist, as well as ukelele player; however, since Fly Between Falls (2006), other members of the band have begun to sing as much as Zach, while Zach has taken over the position of pianist. He also played piano for Jack Johnson during the latest tour, as well as for the album In Between Dreams, and now a permanent member of the Jack Johnson band. Zach Gill also wrote parts of five out of the ten songs in Fly Between Falls, the most of any of the band members.

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