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  • Data di pubblicazione

    15 Aprile 2010

  • Durata

    14 brani

After releasing her first album MusicBox (Fado em Concerto) Yolanda has revealed herself as a multitalented Artist exploring her roots to serve as inspiration for creating innovative and novel work, fusing Fado together with Classical and Electronic Music.This first release immediately placed her in the limelight, providing her with a notable reputation and recognition, leading to her nomination for the ‘Globos de Ouro’ as Revelation Artist. It was with this album that she received an Award for Musical Excellence from an Australian Music Magazine (A’nR). Yolanda Soares was invited by the Portuguese President Cavaco Silva to perform at a concert offered annually to Diplomats from around the globe, that took place on Portugal Day (Dia de Portugal), among performing at a number of other high profile and important events.With her first project Music Box - Fado em Concerto, Yolanda Soares has positioned herself prominently in a market where quality, excellence and originality are key. One of her primary and most notable characteristics however, is without a doubt her versatility. Yolanda Soares uses her voice combined with her extensive musical experience to play a diversity of genres such as fado, classical Music, rock, jazz, electronic music and now a taste of pop.In her second album, Metamorphosis, Yolanda Soares has pursued the rock genre, creating a fusion with classical and electronic Music, whilst always incorporating some of her inherent Portuguese Influences into her music. It is through this fusion that we discover her Metamorphosis.
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