• Xiu Xiu! (and a whole bunch other artists) at The Bowery Ballroom

    Ago 28 2008, 21:48 di pecusita

    Thu 28 Aug – Xiu Xiu, Prurient, Evangelista, Common Eider, King Eider

    Preshow - daydreaming at 5:40PM

    Finally! Xiu Xiu + me. One night. One venue.

    I've been beating myself up with possible setlists, so I decided to make a dream playlist. Here it goes:

    (In order of song release date)

    Apistat Commander
    Sad Pony Guerrilla Girl
    Jenniffer Lopez (The Sweet Science Version)
    Bog People
    Crank Heart
    I luv the valley oh!
    Bunny Gammer
    Brian the Vampire
    Boy Soprano
    Vulture Piano
    Bishop CA
    Save me save me
    In lust you can hear the axe fall
    Child at arms
    No friend oh!
    Master of the Bump

    Been looking around to see if I could possibly get a slight idea for a setlist. There's been two fairly recent reviews. I've compiled them with some slightly older ones. Here's what I've got:

    Don Diasco
    20,000 Deaths For Eidelyn Gonzales, 20,000 Deaths For Jamie Peterson
    Bog People
    Boy Soprano
    Hello From Eau Claire
    Fabulous Muscles
    Nieces Pieces