• Off Duty Trip on CJSW 90.9FM in Calgary, AB - FUNDING DRIVE SHOW

    Ott 25 2010, 8:21 di typicalgirl


    The campus radio station CJSW located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada hold an annual funding drive every year. It helps make money for the station. The goal this year is $200,000. Last year I made just over $800 (which people told me was good as my show had only been on the air less than two months). My goal this year is $30,000, nah, just kidding that was just my dream last night (for real), but seriously my goal is to make at least $1000. If you guys can help make that happen that would be super, duper! Any amount, from $5-whatever helps! I know I don't have a super amount prepared since school decided to make everything due around this time but I do have a mix CD and some CD's to give away (plus the typically CJSW swag and other goodies that I will see when I get there on Wednesday). Devin is co-hosting with me since doing this alone for two hours would be a nightmare for me, haha.

    Pledge number is 403-220-5000. Phone that and some nice people will take your pledge!…