• New songs posted

    Apr 20 2009, 22:23 di Krypto-Bizarro

    I've posted two new songs to the Wade Mueller page. One of them, The Band Down the Street, is extremely new and was just debuted last month at the Westside Eclectic in Santa Monica. The other one, Ode to Bill, is a song I started writing before I teamed up with Brandon who had a habit of crapping on some of my better ideas. After five years of hibernation, it has finally been recorded for the world to hear and make up their own minds. In retrospect, I think it's a nice little song and probably always was. Your feedback is always of value to me.
  • Dedication time

    Ago 26 2007, 13:39 di danoxster

    Its a double feature this week with two special dedications from Meat Pig.

    Number one is Fetus Monkey, and its dedicated especially to that little human worm baby inside my woman's belly. Its scheduled to come out in 6 weeks from now so I wanted to say a few things in expectation of meeting it. El Cucurucho supplied a sprightly country rhythm to which I plucked my accordion strings. Lineup is:

    El Cucurucho Grande: Drums, Guitar, Theremin
    Dan Ox: Vocals, Accordion, Midi Programming, Effects Wrangling

    Number two is a special shout-out to Wade Mueller, called Steal Your Mao. Specifically this is a response to his awesome track Steal My Mao. Its really not anything like his song. But it is about his Mao.

    El Cucurucho Grande: Drums, Theremin, Effects
    Dan Ox: Vocals, Effects