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The project "Virtual Symmetry" was born in 2009, the year in which the composition of some of the first tracks was started by the guitar player, multi-instrumentalist and also founder of the project Valerio Æsir Villa, from whose ideas the first studio album "Message from eternity" took shape, it has been recorded and finished between 2012 and 2014, with the collaboration of the bass player Alessandro Poppale (composer of one of the tracks called Pegasus).
The style of the project is progressive metal, but it has various influences that go from ambient, to fusion, to pop and to contemporary music, and it's characterized by epic suites rich of contrasting elements and cinematic atmospheres that are at the same time persistent and composed with a particular attention to the balance between melody and technique that always serves the communication and the real message, with the aim to bring the listener in a dynamic and emotional journey.
In the "Message from eternity" tracks (finished in the first months of 2014), there are some very special guests like the legendary Dream Theater keyboard player Mr. Jordan Rudess and other important names of the European prog metal scene, for example the singer and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (Frontiers Records, Edge of forever, Hardline), the guitar player and singer Marco Pastorino (Secret Sphere, Hate Tyler, Temperance) protagonist of every vocal track of the album and the multi- instrumentalist Ruben Paganelli playing keyboard and saxophone tracks. All the lyrics were written by Sirio Balmelli in collaboration with Valerio Æsir Villa.
On 25th August 2014 Virtual Symmetry released their first track named Program Error (we are the virus), an articulate mini-suite that lasts over 10 minutes, in which there are two keyboard solos by Mr Rudess and a vocal participation by Del Vecchio that interprets Agent Smith from Matrix (a quote that the band wanted to put in the track as a tribute to a movie that really influenced the message and the phylosophy that's at the base of the song).
The debut album Message from eternity is made of seven tracks, characterized by a fine and clean songwriting that's never predictable, full of all the influences that marked the creative path of each band member, and it ends with the title track: an epic 22 minutes suite divided into three chapters. In this song the band wanted to recap and put in evidence all the progressive elements of the previous tracks, as to narrate the end of a story focusing in the epilogue all the passages that made it interesting.
The album will be released before the end of 2014 and it will feature Mr. Gustavo Sazes as the autor of the artworks, already known for his important works in the Prog Metal genre (James Labrie, Amaranthe, Angra and more).

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