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Violet Blend is an Italian alternative rock band from Florence, founded in 2014.
The band is made up by Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals and piano), Daniele Cristellon (guitar), Ferruccio Baroni (bass) and Michel Agostini (drums).

The first work “Venus EP" was published in 2014 by Pirames International (Milan), debut album "White Mask" has been released in 2018. whitemask

In June 2017 Violet Blend played at I-Days, the most important Italian rock festival, opening the Radiohead concert. I-Days 2017 saw the participation of Linkin Park, Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, Rancid.

Violet Blend also played as support of Garbage and Skillet concerts.

Violet Blend won in 2017 Brianza Rock Festival, Stage Diving Contest, Classic Rock Italia Contest and in 2019 Et- Music Prize at Sanremo Rock.

‘White Mask Tour’ (2017) brought the band on many important European (expecially UK) and Italian stages, opening many concerts of Antimatter (UK), Finley and The Bastard Sons of Dioniso (around 20 dates).

The presentation of “White Mask” has been preceded by an impressive guerrilla marketing action, thousands white masks with a purple V have invaded the city of Florence, arousing the attention of citizens and of many national media, from Repubblica to Radio Freccia.
On February 10th 2018 Violet Blend presented the album “White Mask" at the Viper Theater in Florence, from here the new “Burn Your Mask Tour" took them all over Italy, England and Wales, for a total of 30 dates, half of which in the UK.

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