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When in 2007 Gianmarco Ghiandoni (aka Ghianda) was not yet seventeen-year-old, in him he
was taking shape in the idea of founding an independent label. Also independent from musical
trends. A platform to express its creativity. His desire to share with others its own musical ideas.

In close collaboration with Riccardo Alessandri (aka Pech), student with him in the Chemical
Istitute of Perugia, they have not yet graduated when throw themselves on the design of the first
release. Listen to music from an early age, Gianmarco also plays the piano. And they buy and
bring records since the age of 15 years old: just when Gianmarco met Riccardo who had
committed only a few months to mix with his two friends. One of these friends becomes crucial for
the first release of the Technowagon Recordings: the idea of Gianmarco now takes a shape:

Technowagon Recordings (

Marco Negozio (aka Neg), friend of Riccardo since they were children, started to produce
electronic music since the age of 14, and will be the most productive artist of the first projects.
And so comes to life “Electron Affinity E.P.”.

It is an extremely various EP.

“Phoenix’s Flight” is a pure neotrance track taken from the earliest Neg & Pech’s works. A track
that has always meant a lot to the crew.

“ It sounds like a bit old, but anyway only the phoenix
could be the first track of the first thw! ”

The second track is an interpretation of the main track by The Incompatibles (aka Ghianda &
Pech): this duo is characterized by dark atmosphere, dubstep influences and electronic synths.

“Gen Anthem” is the expression of electronic and techno influences of Neg: vivacious, certainly
not monotonous, and a bit out of the norm. Worth a listen.

“ Not very well drawn between musical genres.
And this is a good thing in our opinion. ”

And the last track “Spring’s Awakening” is another track by Neg. It ends the journey easing the
low frequencies and cheer up the atmosphere with a nice melody.

Supported by:

• Aboutface (*BackHome): "Incompatibles' Numb Vision is the one for me, sounds cool,
nice and glitchy"

• Applescal (Traum Schallplatten - Manual Music): "Sound cool!"

• Ryan Davis (Maripoza - Backhome): "Good new stuff.. like the gen anthem, nice industrial
noises inside and good work on the melody"

• Micromattic (Absolutive Records): "Gen anthem? Chunky + phat = i like it"

• Matt Brown (Below - Einmaleins - Supernature): "Quality tracks, i like Gen Anthem and
Spring's Awakening very much"

• Matzak (Boxer Recordings - Kompakt): "on 'phoenix's flight': nice track for an after set :)"

• Traumer (IRM Records): "The Phoenix's Flight is a very beautiful track, Allying perfectly
rhythmic and melody.
Gen Anthem is a very loud track ! with an incredible synth bass ! an awesome dancefloor
killer !! And To finish, Neg proposes us a melodious and very subtle music, between
pop/electronica, which encloses perfectly this EP. Very nice release!"

• Mattheis (*BackHome - Wide Angle): "I love "Spring’s Awakening". The love in it gives me
a warm feeling!"

So… Waiting for the second release!

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