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Technowagon Recordings comes back after two months with the second release.

"Two months of intense work: finishing projects, mastering the tracks, a few gigs and

going to hear some of the artists that we like and also planning the future. "

Is time for Aromatics. This duo, borns from the collaboration between two Italian artists, Gianmarco Ghiandoni (aka Ghianda) and Marco Negozio (aka Neg), presents the release whit a special remix by Harald Björk (Traum Schallplatten – Apparillo Music – Kranglan Broadcast).

Their style, based on cutting-edge electronic sounds, very refined and bodied percussions accompanied by bouncing grooves, gives life to the main track of this release.

In chemistry, a racemic mixture, or racemate, is one that has equal amounts of left- and right- handed enantiomers of a chiral molecule.

Aromatics propose “Today” as the main track of Racemate. It's a very exciting track, joyful and finely crafted. The main melody can immediately capture the listener, who is forced to follow its evolution throughout the song full of details and processes that make it unique in every loop. A track bursting with energy!

The talented Swedish Harald Björk gives us a less loud and perhaps more intellectual version of Today. The track evolves with a well-structured growth that culminates in a final where a harmonious blend of sounds goes directly to the heart of the listener.

”Harald was the first international artist which worked to something with us. He's a truly exceptional and available person, as well as an extraordinary artist!”

The third track is a production by Neg: “Dumpness”, another de monstration of his dynamism and his influences by his favourite artists like “the old” Stephan Bodzin, Gui Boratto and Moonbeam. This track is the more dancefloor-oriented of the ep. Aggressive and driving pace, lashes of electronic synth and powerful bass makes Dumpness a track engaging but not obvious and to listen from start to finish to get a satisfying journey into the mind of Neg.

Ghianda reinterprets Dumpelle (Dumpness’ younger sister) with a live mix where is king a massive bass line that puts the track on a road well-defined and full of glitches, colors and emotions. Is evident in this new production a greater tendency to a more analog form of electronic but always treated in details, with the intention of increasingly removed by a classic way to seeing (and to compose) the electronic music.

"I think there's been a real evolution in this period in our family. “Today” was a project we were working from long time and I think in the future with our next releases those who follow us will notice significant changes in our musical trends. But I won’t scare you!

So, as the biography says: their ambition and their talents blend with the love for music production: a very promising duo for themselves and for the Italian electronic music.

Supported by:

James Holden (Border Community): H.Björk Remix: “Very good!, lovely song"

Paul Hazendonk (Manual Music – Stolen Moments): ”Really sweet remix. The original is cool too. Will play one of them at the Manual radioshow this friday.”

Laurent Garnier (F Communication – Gigolo): "Ghianda orange live mix? really like that a lot!"

Dual Shaman (Manual Music): "Love the Harald Bjork remix ,it so soft and emotional,but deranged and haunting at the same time !"

Ryan Davis (Maripoza – Backhome – Klangwelt): “Really like all tracks..for my taste a bit too much reverb on everything,but thats taste.. fave is harald remix and the original”

Margot (Margot Records – Great Stuff): Ghianda Orange Live Mix: ”coloured :)"

Max Cooper (Traum Schallplatten): “Some cool stuff, Dumpness and Springs Awakening (from thw001) are my favourites.”

Loacs.erepams (Maripoza): “Love the atmosphere of Aromatics - Today (Harald Bjork Remix). It's a great trip, I want more!”

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