• RatholeRadio 74 – 18th Mar 2012

    Mar 31 2012, 14:39 di MarcHollenbach

    Another Rathole Radio is upon and this one is a bumper edition. 71mins to be precise. I must have felt more chatty or something, hard to see how that’s possible. This was broadcast on Mother’s Day here in the UK but I didn’t have a special song for that. Instead I performed a folk song to celebrate St Patrick’s Day on Saturday. I hope you enjoy the show.

    00:00 - Freeky Cleen & Dickey fGone Train Blues - CC BY-SA Licensed – 2 artists I’ve played separately before but now they’ve joined forces to create this great slice of blues rock. You don’t wanna miss it. There’s a whole album available on Jamendo.

    06:40 - Tracing ArcsBabydoll (just chillin’ mix) - CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A great track that put me in mind of Portishead a bit at times. No bad thing.
    12:47 - Farewell RepublicWake - Licensed Unknown - Heard this via fellow North West podcaster Alan Carr and his show Darkhorse Radio.
    22:32 - Phil Lee25 Mexicans - License Unknown – Another one I heard via Alan Carr when he submitted it for AMPed some time ago. …
  • Tracing Arcs - Eye See You

    Dic 30 2010, 1:15 di tipkin

    When we say 'rich sound' it obviously doesn't have anything to do with wealth. Yet while listening to the new release by UK's Tracing Arcs I kept getting this strange feeling that this music is literally rich, as in 'you have to be filthy rich to be listening to this lush sound'. Not true, naturally, especially considering that Eye See You is available for free download at iD.EOLOGY. But it just has that feel of music that being played personally for you, that you somehow could control if you wanted to, but you don't want to, because you're a lazy rich pig and because the music is so good anyway. The album has only 7 tracks, but each song is its own little world and is long enough to provide you with a nice fulfilling trip into this world. Here lies the vulnerability of Tracing Arcs' music - it isn't something you just put on while folding your laundry or painting kitchen cabinets. It isn't suitable for background noise at a party. This is music you actually have to listen to. Otherwise you will probably miss the harmony entirely. …
  • CD-RWu 0028

    Nov 14 2009, 15:38 di aro101

    Details: http://cd-rwu.blogspot.com/2009/04/0028.html

    You can download all the music for free (100% legal)

    1. Mr. SOS - Bionic (Dirty)
    2. Gone (x3) - Gone Gone Gone
    3. Gone (x3) - Dub As The Wind
    4. Tracing Arcs - Headspin (scruffy mix)
    5. State Shirt - Highway
    6. State Shirt - It Is a Shame My Binoculars Don't Work At Night
    7. Chimney Fish - God Out Of A Machine
    8. Chimney Fish - Freezes
    9. Azoora - Second Sight
    10. Azoora - Fantastic 64
    11. ne:o - am
  • netaudioberlin2009

    Ott 15 2009, 21:57 di TracingArcs

    Thu 8 Oct – Netaudio Festival 2009
    A worthy effort, a shame more did not attend, but showed the potential for CC music and arts, Berlin was superb, many thanks for all the hard work put in by all. Tracing Arcs
  • Боевые Песни Блогистана. Выпуск LVI

    Mar 5 2009, 9:53 di jbrain

    Законы жанра
    Оркестры бывают трех видов: симфонические, эстрадно–симфонические и – в широком смысле слова – русских народных инструментов. Различные подварианты типа духового оркестра УВД, ансамбля песни и пляски Российской армии или сводного оркестра малых балканских народов причисляются к одному из этих видов в зависимости от гео–политического контекста. Практически безошибочное определение вида происходит исходя из состава инструментов, репертуара и формы одежды исполнителей.
    Рок–группы оркестрами не являются. Музыканты, жаждущие особо больших чувств, выражают их, выступая в сопровождении какого–нибудь знаменитого коллектива. Это приносит рокерам дополнительные пункты за причастность к большой культуре, а скрипачам – возможность играть с расстегнутым воротничком. Слушатель же становится свидетелем метаморфозы: классический оркестр превращается в эстрадно–симфонический, клуб – в колонный зал Дома союзов…
  • CD-RWu 0012 - Various & Christmas

    Feb 21 2009, 18:41 di aro101

    http://cd-rwu.blogspot.com/ - 21 XII 2008

    Only free music

    1. Entertainment for the Braindead - Fences (msc Remix)
    2. Entertainment for the Braindead - Resolutions (Chrissumer Remix)
    3. Entertainment for the Braindead - Colours (Album Remix)
    4. Tracing Arcs - Animals
    5. Tracing Arcs - A Pig & A Cow
    6. Surf Sluts - Scary Tale in Olde York
    7. Allison Crowe - Silent Night
    8. Jennifer Avalon - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    9. Adrian Charkman - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    10. Allison Crowe - What Child Is This (Greensleeves)
    11. Fruhstuck - Angel
    12. Fruhstuck - Song of Deliverance