• Torture Garden: Rotisserie Of Pain

    Set 29 2007, 15:32 di ad_nauseam

    Review by Ellen Simpson of Vampire Magazine

    Ever wanted to know what “Children of the Grave” would sound like if the world had ended and Ozzy was very, very sad? Well, Torture Garden’s first demo, “Rotisserie Of Pain”, is the place for you. To be honest, this unconventional doom is indigestible enough to have taken me a few attempts to fathom, but the band – brothers Adam and Matt – designed it that way, with the warning “this isn’t easy listening, but hey, it isn’t easy living”, and if you persevere you will find something interesting here.

    The treatment of the Sabbath track is revealing of the band’s modus operandi, being sparse, slowed down, weird, pained, sad, doomy and smack-in-the-face primitive. “Dripping” is a serious piece of discordant night fear, with Adam’s distinctive vocals –a nihilistic, intoned, flat drone punctuated occasionally with a frankly savage black metal-style screech – miring things up even more. “Everything Is Grey” vaguely evokes named influence Anathema in its warm lead over gentle acoustic intro…