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Theo Allegretti, pianist, composer and improviser, is placed in the context of contemporary ambient-jazz, seeking a personal language through the hybridisation and reworking of several musical forms as, among others, ambient, minimal and world music.
He began studying classical and jazz music on guitar and piano and then finally he devoted himself to the jazz piano, specializing with contemporary jazz masters as Giorgio Gaslini, Enrico Pieranunzi and Gianni Lenoci. His overall musical training is done through an atypical and unsystematic approach and his artistic maturation is the result of a very personal path.
Over the years, he engages in collaborations and compositions of various kinds, creating jingles, arrangements, music for radio, television and theatre, performing in solo (featuring atypical usage and preparation of the piano and its rarefied and poetic atmospheres, sometimes of eastern flavour), recitals of poetry and theatre-music, in a variety of ensembles, as well as the influence of other arts.
In the catalogue “Jazz Art” the art critic Giorgio Palumbi writes: “That of Theo Allegretti is not an easily placeable musicality, which is affected by various influences … Approach of an improvised-instinctive mode, now less intelligible and at times more melodic, in search of evocative sounds shunning technicalities, achieving a sort of spiritual expressionism emancipated from more conventional jazz styles as well as those “free” more stringent.”

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