• The Comas - Conductor

    Dic 11 2006, 18:27 di discoDrive

    Beautiful indie rock/slowcore. After disapearing from the indie scene for four years after the 2000 release Def Needle Tomorrow, The Comas eventually made a comeback with this fantastic album, Conductor.

    The album is slightly melacholic but each song is crafted with care. Sometimes the guitar licks and riffs sound so fragile accompanied with soft drums and the low self-pitying vocals of .

    Although the album starts off with some quite upbeat tracks such as The Science of Your Mind, or Invisible Drugs, it starts to melt into a delicious mess of slow downbeat chunks towards the end, with the closing track opening with 3 and a half minutes of a single organ note playing before any vocals begin. Its worth the wait because the last track is excellent.

    If you want an album to sit and relax and reflect on the day to, this is it.