• All This Week's Music (May 14-19)

    Mag 19 2007, 8:10 di luishernando

    A discussion of some of the music I acquired throughout the whole week. Included bellow is a Rating At The Moment score, which maxes at 5.

    1. The Bloomfields - The Bloomfields (2007, CD)

    I first saw them a year ago during the freshman orientation seminar which I was a part of, and I almost forgot about them if not for a single sighting of their music video. Waiting for my friends in a mall I decided to go check out the record shop, and I saw the front littered with the CD. It had 17 tracks, which for me was too long, consisting of two-and-a-half minute songs. The album features classics from The Beatles and Antonio Carlos Jobim interpreted in classic 50's and 60's rock Pinoy-style. There are only four Tagalog originals though, and there lies the weakness of the album. It's a shame because I found the originals to be the highlight of the album.

    RATM: 3.5

    2. Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings (2001, Digital)

    Being a live recording EP…
  • Almost halfway through 2007 (albums edition)

    Mag 16 2007, 6:21 di luishernando

    It's month five soon to be month six, and it has been a very eventful half. To recollect, celebrate and even indirectly recommend, here are my albums of 2007 ranked from least favorite to most favorite. Enjoy.

    12. Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City
    A sudden change from the sound that made them big in 2005, AWITC fails to deliver in so many accounts. For a dude who loved the singles such as 'Banquet', 'Helicopter' and 'Like Eating Glass', I am forced to ask where these songs went, and why are songs such as 'Hunting for Witches' and 'The Prayer' taking their place?

    11. Feist - The Reminder
    I haven't heard the debut, so I decided to start with the more recent album. I must say I was disappointed, considering what I heard from people about her. Nothing special going on here, boring and pretty dragging. It does get lively around the area of the song '1 2 3 4' which is in the last third of the album, but that's about it.

    10. Bright Eyes - Cassadaga
  • the bloomfields album launch

    Feb 8 2007, 10:04 di ulan25


    Yeahoo! Can't wait to see and listen to The Bloomfields' debut album! I just heard Wala Nang Iba on the radio, in full this time. I'm really excited to hear the rest of the album. I was able to hear a bit of the other songs, but in their rawest form since they were still recording them. They weren't mixed yet. I'm glad there's already a date for the launch.

    I just hope I'm in town on March 23.

    It looks like this one tv show we've been planning will push through and the out-of-town shoots will most likely happen in March. *crosses fingers*

    So, if you're free, do attend the event. The boys will be performing and that's always fun to watch. And get the album, too! Oh, and if you want to spread the word, feel free to use the graphic ;-)