• Concerts Summary - November 2006

    Dic 2 2006, 20:04 di heatherc

    November 1 - Ladyhawk (w/So Many Dynamos; Sleep Out) @ Beat Kitchen: I'd only listened to Ladyhawk's album a couple times before this show. I really liked it, but the show totally took me by surprise. It was very much a rock show (nothing "indie" about them other than their record label). Having listened to the album again afterwards I can hear where it came from, so I really shouldn't have been surprised. They only played about 40 minutes and I spent much of that time getting used to what I was seeing. I think I would have liked it better if I knew they would rock so much, and if it had been a weekend. Instead, I liked the few songs that sounded closer to the album the most. But now that I know, I'll need to see them again to determine whether or not I like them live. I'm inclined to think yes. I've listened to the album several times since the show and it is quickly racing up the list of my favorite 2006 albums. So Many Dynamos weren't my thing…