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  • Anni di attività

    2011 – oggi (11 anni)

  • Luogo di fondazione

    Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Israele

  • Componenti

    • Dan Mayo (2011 – oggi)

TATRAN (תַתרָן, Hebrew for "anosmic" ) are an eclectic instrumental power trio from Israel formed in 2011.
Their musical influences range from modern jazz, rock, classical music, folk, avant-garde, post-rock, experimental and electronic combining to produce an ecstatic musical experience.

Tatran’s uncanny melodies, state of the art virtuosic playing and vivid sound, alongside their innovative
relentless improvisations and their deep, near psychic on-stage communication, make them a
mesmerizing live act. Tamuz Dekel’s versatile, almost omnipotent, psychedelic guitar with Offir
Benjaminov’s thick, funkadelic yet-baroque bass combined with Dan Mayo’s diverse, supernatural futuristic
groove-oriented drumming, reanimate a lucid dream to their listeners and spectators. Tatran’s live act
integrates breathtaking sounds with a hypnotizing atmosphere, both are considered by many of their fans
to be Tatran’s hallmark, and although their show is completely instrumental, the strong feeling of intimacy
and personal touch is unharmed and unrivaled.

Their debut album, “Shvat”, was released in November 2014. The album was recorded live in a recording
studio, overdub free, in order to produce that warm, overwhelming sensation that listeners could only feel
during their live acts. On November 2015, Tatran released a live album called “Soul Ghosts”, with tunes
from “Shvat” alongside 5 new tracks. Both albums warmly reviewed all over the world, and got to the top
(1st places) of bandcamp's popularity charts among Jazz, Instrumental and Post-Rock tags.

TATRAN performed all over the world, including headlining Oppikoppi Festival (SA), Kaunas Jazz Festival
(LT), InDnegev Festival (IL), Red Sea Jazz Festival (IL) and State-X New Forms (NL). TATRAN are a great
success in Israel, with sold-out concerts all over the country and record of more than 150 concerts in 3

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