• 2 or more bands on last.fm have identical name (Last UPD 01.01.2012 )

    Gen 3 2011, 13:40 di Food_For_Cat

  • Wrnlrd video interview on Pitchfork.

    Nov 12 2010, 19:40 di Flingcosound

    The Out Door Column on Pitchfork is running an exclusive video interview with Wrnlrd. Straight from Apartment 9, with visual references to Tar, Big Black and Nation of Ulysses and Wrnlrd's analysis of the hidden depravity of The Shangri-Las. Plus puppets.
  • No more faith / Dead as history

    Ago 20 2009, 15:44 di lapacka

    vypadalo to jako uplne v pohode den, niceho jsem se nebala, nic moc jsem necekala (protoze je kurva nebezpecny delat v pondeli takovyhle veci). jak zpiva falco: i woke this morning with expectations of gaining nothing: i've learned to trust my instincts. hehe, nekdy dam dohromady post jenom z citaci mejch oblibenejch pisnicek a to si piste, ze to bude davat smysl. i am not stupid. i understand how it works.

    jenze to bylo proste dobry. rano jsem poslouchala veci od Tar, ktere nejenze jsem nemela, ale ani jsem nevedela, ze existujou. poslal mi je pedro voe (john mohr lives now in oregon, john mohr also made his furniture) a jeste si na ebayi koupil jejich prvni sedmipalec, haha, pedro je nejlepsi, ten se mi libi, toho si vezmu. a protoze vim, jak vsichni MILUJETE zebricky, dame si jeden s nazvem "pet nejlepsich skladeb od TAR, ktere jsem do nedele neznala vsech dob":

    1. Bad Box
    2. Mel's (z Play to Win b/w Mel's 7")
    3. Mel's (z Handsome EP/12")
    4. Non-Alignement Pact
  • My Teeny Weeny Itsy Bitsy Vinyl Collection Part 2

    Mar 22 2009, 18:49 di ms_fogle

    - Live

    The B-52's
    - The B-52's
    - Wild Planet
    - Whammy!
    - Mesopotamia

    Billy Joel
    - The Stranger
    - 52nd Street
    - Glass houses
    - The Nylon Curtain

    Black Sabbath
    - Black Sabbath
    - Paranoia
    - Master of Reality
    - Sabotage
    - We Sold Our Souls for Rock 'n Roll

    - Parallel Lines

    Bob Dylan
    - Nashville Skyline

    Calabi Yau
    - God Shave Us All

    Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
    - Safe as Milk
    - Lick My Decals Off, Baby

    - Ticket to Ride
    - A Song For you
    - Close to You
    - Horizon

    Cat Stevens
    - Tea for the Tillerman
    - Teaser and The Firecat
    - Mona Bone Jakon
    - Catch Bull at Four
    - Foreigner
    - Buddha and the Chocolate Box
    - Izitso
    - Footsteps in the Dark

    David Bowie
    - The Man Who Sold the World
    - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardurst (disguised as Diamond Dogs)

    Dead Machines
    - Live at Tzompantli

    - Q. Are We Not Men? A. We are DEVO
    - Duty Now for the Future
    - Freedom of Choice
  • My teeny weeny itsy bitsy vinyl collection Part 1.

    Mar 22 2009, 17:16 di ms_fogle

    Starting with the 45's:

    The 90 Day Men - Taking Apart the Vessel 7"
    The Beatles - Helter Skelter/Got to Get You Into My Life 7"
    Big Black - The Model 7"
    Broadcast - America's Boy 7"
    Calabi Yau' - The Elitist 7"
    Cibo Matto - Birthday Cake / Black Hole Sun 7"
    Come - Wrong Side / Loin of the Surf 7"
    Devo - Working in a Coal Mine 7"
    Devo - Whip It 7"
    Double Dagger - Sophisticated Urban Living 7"
    Double Dagger - Bored Meeting 7"
    Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/Young Man's Blues 7"
    Egg Hunt - Me and You 7"
    Fugazi - 3 Songs 7"
    Fugazi - Furniture 7"
    Harriet The Spy - Circle-A Indicator 7"
    Hazel - Blank Florida / Motor Sports Daredevils 7"
    Honcho Overload - Miserable / Sugarfoot 7"
    Jawbox - Absenter 7"
    Karl Blau - Slow Down Joe 7"
    Kerosene 454 - Blown Clean 7"
    Killer Bug - Your wife is mine EP 7"
    King Frog (this wasn't intentional, it was hidden inside of a Creedle 7" . …
  • 10+ oblibenych Apaccinych desek

    Ott 30 2008, 22:31 di lapacka

    edit 2010. zalohovala jsem si nejaky svy pindy, abych to mohla pozdeji vydat knizne, a narazila jsem na tohle. kupodivu vsechny linky, uvedene nize k jednotlivym deskam, funguji. nemam poneti, kdo to oceni, nicmene az na drobne vyjimky (chybi tam Hank Williams treba a od pAper chAse mam ted nejradsi Hide the Kitchen Knives) si za timhle vyberem docela stojim, takze az mi jednou shori harddisk, ja to ocenim zcela jiste. je to totiz senzacni muzika.

    kdysi jsem zminila jeden text, 10 oblibenejch Apaccinejch desek podle Moona. tohle je to ono. nejsou to "nejoblibenejsi" desky, protoze takove ja asi uplne nemam; mam akorat nejoblibenejsi kapely, ktery jsou krasne videt tadyhle ve statistikach (za posledni rok nutno dodat, to bychom se asi nasmali, kdyby tady byly statistiky od nejakejch mejch jedenacti, hehe). zkusila jsem dat dohromady seznam nahravek, za kterejma si bezvyhradne stojim, a ktery zaroven nejsou tak desne proflakly jako XTRMNTR, Good News for People Who Love Bad News nebo treba Amnesiac. …
  • Obscurity Knocks

    Giu 18 2006, 21:37 di RobDoubleu

    Yammy yammy yamma! Boredom! Boredom!
    Basically something I did featuring artists that aren't anywhere near big, and play punk-related music, or played anyway. Yeah so the wondrously fantastical Breanna_inteh3d gave me a load of sites one grey evening containing some great punk mp3s on them from punk band geeks who collect those 7"s that never got anywhere (I have a good few of these of my own that could be used on the sites). Some are turd. Some are amazing. To put it briefly I'm in eternal debt to the one whom is in the 3d glasses.
    I had some album art, but, I forgot to save it. I don't remember much. I've been putting this journal off for two weeks now.

    The Nosebleeds - Ain't Bin to No Music School
    The message of this song is proven well.

    Jags - Back of My Hand
    The Jags were a less skilled version of The Knack that didn't go as far. You know, powerpop that wasn't perpetual in the mainstream.

    Survivors - Baby Come Back
    Badly produced cheery punk ditty. Nuff said.

  • ...

    Set 22 2005, 18:41 di mat35

    Fan of;

    At the Drive-In
    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
    Bear vs. Shark
    Big Black
    The Blood Brothers
    Drive Like Jehu
    Funeral for a Friend
    Girls Against Boys
    Into Another
    Les Savy Fav
    The Mars Volta
    The Nation of Ulysses
    Q and Not U
    Rites of Spring
    Shudder to Think
    Texas is the Reason
    The Used
    And many, many more...
    ... feel welcome (please!) join my group (I'm on about the Post-Hardcore on but any will do.

    thank you.