• Review: M.I.A. - Arular

    Nov 8 2005, 22:15 di Fidgital

    Well, I finally caved in and picked up M.I.A.'s debut album on XL, Arular. All the hype got to me at last. I'd listened to it before and decided not to get it, but then I was advised that this album has to grow on you. Good advice!

    M.I.A.'s on tour with Gwen Stefani right now, and it's hard to imagine a better touring partner to break her career wide open! Both are strong women with a certain "fuck you" attitude, favouring half-spoken, half-sung vocals, with a dancehall influence. But while Gwen is pop and popular, M.I.A. is decidedly underground. Gwen loans M.I.A. her massive audience, while M.I.A. loans Gwen her street cred. Great match-up!

    I'm enjoying this album and I expect I will enjoy it more with time. But it's not quite the "blow you away" kind of innovation I'd been expecting. Chalk that up to the hype surrounding this particular record. The sound is raw electro hip-hop, blended with London east and west Indian dancehall. …