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  • Anni di attività

    2008 – oggi (11 anni)

The italian duo Synapsyche was born in the late 2008 by the will of Stefano “Mannequinetik”, mastermind and only composer, with the intent to create an EBM project with electro-industrial features, a bit lacking in their own motherland.
To start the band up, he simply needed to integrate a singer, expert for both clean and harsh vocals, and able to manage lyrics, vocal lines and rhythmics: the choice falls on Marco “Katatronik” Mantovani, performer with a long experience as singer, both melodic in an italian rock band (Zona Traffico Libero) and screaming-growling in a melodic death metal band (Ultima Necat).
While in the beginning the project started almost for fun, as the time went by, Katatronik and Mannequinetik decide to expose theirselves more to promote the spreading of their music, noticed the great response got so far: it’s 2012 when Synapsyche accept the Gothic World Records proposal to join the compilation “Dunkle Frequenzen Vol. 1 – Premium Edition” (out in December 15th) composing a brand new track entitled “Zeroin”.
In the same period, the making of a 4-tracks self-produced E.P. called “Wait/Hate” is completed: mixed by Synapsyche and mastered by Federico Viola at Animal House Studios, it’s out in January 31th 2013 and actually available for free digital download on the official Bandcamp page of the band.
In December 19th 2014 Synapsyche release their self-produced full-length debut album with all the tracks online so far: “Crashdown Connected”, a 13-songs concept opus mixed and mastered by Synapsyche at their own studios, is available for digital download and as limited edition CD on Bandcamp.
In march 2015, the brand new track “Breath Control” is included in the Alfa Matrix compilation “Endzeit Bunkertracks VII – The Bonus Tracks” and becomes a hit in the industrial clubs.
It's september 30th 2015 when Synapsyche's new self-produced/self-mixed/self-mastered EP code-named “Meds” comes out, as a gift for their loyal fans, available for free digital download and including also many remixes.
In october 2015 the amazing russian label SkyQode announces Synapsyche as new artist of their illustrious roster (including great acts as Cold In May, Diversant:13, Freaky Mind, Kromak), ready for an exciting collaboration and new sick tunes to release: the first work with SkyQode is the mindblowing EP “Hate And Psyche”, out December 4th 2015, mixed by Synapsyche and mastered by Rush at SMT studios, with 2 brand new songs including the dancefloor killer titletrack, “Breath Control” remastered, and 2 club-ready remixes. The EP is available for digital download and deserved many amazing reviews, bringing high expectations for their second upcoming full length album.
In fact, another stunning concept-opus made the alliance with SkyQode label perfect: “The Abyss Effect” is more than a concept-album, it's an interface to the modern Inferno! Mixed by Synapsyche, mastered by Jan L. at X-Fusion Music Production and distributed by SkyQode, it's available as limited digipak CD with bonus track or digital download in May 13th 2016 and it will make you beg for more.
In July 15th, to satisfy this thirst, Synapsyche releases a cover of the Apoptygma Berzerk's hit “Bitch” included in the tribute compilation “Apop We Love You” edited by Electrozombies.
2017 is another great year to spread their music, 'cause in April 7th the band releases for SkyQode the new amazing EP “This Is Gonna Hurt”, available for digital download and including 2 brand new songs and new hot remixes, all mixed by Synapsyche and mastered by Rush at SMT studios.
2018 is a year of changes for Synapsyche, first of all signing a new deal with the massive electro label Alfa Matrix: their roster, for the few who don't know AF, is top notch and includes the countrymen Alien Vampires and Helalyn Flowers, the legends of electro Front 242 and other great acts as I:Scintilla and Acylum.
In november 23rd finally the new Synapsyche EP is out: “Mirror Terror” blows all minds and speakers! Available for digital download, mixed by Synapsyche, mastered by Sebastian Komor at Xenomorph Productions' studios, it includes 2 brand new great songs and stunning remixes.
“Mirror Terror” EP kicks off a new era for the band, also for the release of the first official Synapsyche videoclip ever. Directed by Black Beat Productions, it's available for your eyes on YouTube.
Before the new album's release, the band takes part of the Depeche Mode tribute compilation “Re:Covered Vol.3” for their label, with the song “A Pain That I'm Used To”.
In June 21st 2019 Alfa Matrix releases the third full-length album for Synapsyche: “In Praise Of Folly” is the real masterpiece for a band at their top of creativity! A concept about mental diseases, mixed by Synapsyche, mastered by Sebastian Komor at Xenomorph Productions' studios, it includes 13 songs from harsh to melodic, from pop to dark, and an exciting duet with Noemi Aurora from Helalyn Flowers! It's available as cd, limited edition 2CDs with 13 bonus remixes, and digital download!
The “madness” trilogy with Alfa Matrix ends with the release of both videoclip and EP entitled “Viva Insanity”, January 24th 2020: available for digital download, mixed by Synapsyche, mastered by Sebastian Komor at Xenomorph Productions' studios, it includes also 3 brand new great songs and 8 hot remixes. The video, directed by Giuseppe Nex, is available on YouTube.
During the years, Synapsyche made remixes for songs of Alien Vampires, Helalyn Flowers, C-Lekktor, No Forgiveness, Warsickle, Halo Effect, Centeotl, Dark Soul, Device Noize, Entropia Psicotica, Chamaeleon, Thornsectide, Studio-X vs. Simon Carter, Binary Division, First Black Pope, Totem Obscura and Trakktor.
Meanwhile, the band keeps playing astonishing live shows in influential clubs and events of the italian ground (as the show at Decadence in Bologna), headlining and supporting famous acts as -Rx and FGFC820.
Synapsyche’s sound is powerful and rhythmical, with modern EBM moments and dark-techno influences, where cybernetic effects alternate with dancing synths, while vocals are balanced between melody, rage and nihilism. Lyrics are incisive and original in their celebration of vice and madness, the perfect themes for the world of Synapsyche.
The members of Synapsyche consider theirselves as real musicians, with their own equipment and gears, many musical competences and full of ideas in becoming.

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