• it rained.

    Dic 9 2006, 15:19 di chotda

    i woke up because the sun was shining so brightly; i had only been up for a few minutes when the phone began to ring. it was chris, who had sent me a mysterious postcard a few weeks back, but before that, nothing for almost a year. the postcard had me thinking of him and kurt the night before, how we never took that trip to london. maybe it was time. part of me was hoping that is why he called, but most of me knew that if i was hearing from him in person after such a long absence, it could only be bad. and it was. i knew before he said it that kurt had died; i thought perhaps it might've been a car accident, but he was sick, and had been for awhile. i had no idea, but he didn't want anyone to know, and he was trying to heal himself. but things took a drastic turn for the worse, and chris got him into a hospice, where he finally died, surrounded by the ones he loved--chris, doug, his sister, niece and nephews.

    i met kurt in one of the many phases of his life--i think he might've been right in between them…