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  • Anni di attività

    1997 – oggi (20 anni)


Sam Haycroft - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Dana Roskvist - Vocals, Guitar, Programming
Sean Bailey - Drums, Percussion, Website
Adam Murray - Bass, Backing Vocals, Percussion

There is an inherent difficulty in defining a band such as Sydonia… They are commonly misaligned with one or another band, or within this or that musical style, or more often than not as “impossible to pin down to one particular genre, sub-genre or classification”. This diversity in portrayal stems from the fact that punters and reviewers often have trouble defining their sound and tend to refer to the first big band that springs to mind and then cross reference it with something else, for example: the mellowness of a Radiohead with all its dreaminess and vocal complexities, crossed with the alternative thinking of a Muse, add the fullness and depth of a Tool, and then mix in some heavy tribal drumming and percussion. A ballpark description but kind of hard to wrap your head around.
But after witnessing a show it becomes clear how and why Sydonia are best defined by each individual listener’s imagination. The musical soundscape drifts effortlessly from clean and beautiful to rich and heavy, from big dreamy guitar melodies and vocal harmonies, to heavy percussion-laden passages, to hardedge rip-your-throat-out sections, sometimes within the context of one song. You can see how the word-of-mouth can become quite colourful. Subsequently, the best way to describe Sydonia is to see them and/or listen to them for yourself.

Sydonia was born in 1997 and grew into its completed line-up on St Patrick’s Day 2003. Since then they have independently released 4 EPS, toured extensively, acquired a large and appreciative fan base, and are fast becoming the band to play with - their live performances being much talked about events. After much time spent honing their craft and defining the Sydonia sound and experience, in April this year the band headed into Backbeach Studio with dw Norton and spent 12 days professionally recording a full-length debut album. Already receiving interest from various labels “Given To Destroyers” is available online & instores now. The first single “Sorry” – is also available online & instores and you can catch the video on Rage and channel V.

In 2006 The band toured extensively, releasing the 1st single "SORRY", off their debut album in July. September and October saw Sydonia head interstate to Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney to promote and launch the release of the album “GIVEN TO DESTROYERS”, ending the tour in Melbourne with an album launch on the 4th November @ The Evelyn (supported by Mushroom Giant and Long Walk Home). The 2nd single and film clip off the album "No Woman's Land" was released @ revolver in February 2007.

In current news, April 2007 see's Sydonia on their "CLOSE TO THE BRINK" national tour, which includes their National support slot with America's Lamb Of God. July has Sydonia heading back on the road for a 3 week east coast tour playing all major cities and spreading to some more regional towns.
They are now (August 2007) on tour in the US with Stone sour, the band of Corey Taylor and James Root (in Slipknot and Stone sour), who recently certified a gold record for the album "Come what (ever) may.

1. Adornment 2. I Will Not Serve 3. No Woman's Land 4. Sorry 5. Dream Kiss 6. Life In A Cup 7. 3 Tongues 8. Incoming 9. Rubber Bullet 10. Lonely Soul
*Recorded & Mixed @ Backbeach Studio by D.W.Norton & jENk, Mastered @ Crystal Studios.

2006 - "SORRY" (single) :
1. Sorry (radio edit) 2. Dream Kiss (too fragile remix) 3. Taste More
*Recorded & Mixed @ Backbeach Studio by D.W.Norton & jENk, Mastered @ Crystal Studios.

2005 - "(MAN)IPULATE" E P :
1. Andwethoughthewasmad 2. Condom 3. Rubberbullet 4. Blurst 5. Bateria 6. Taste More 7. The Last Step
*Recorded & Mixed @ Home Studio, Mastered @ Sing Sing by Jack the Bear.

2004 - "SUBORDINATE" E P :
1. Truckbonnet 2. Fujita 3. Can't Say No 4. Too Fragile 5. Filthy 6. Incoming
*Recorded & Mixed @ Home Studio.

2003 - "ID SAY NO" E P :
1. Sorry 2. Incoming 3. Crawl 4. Backwards 5. Cant Say No
*Recorded & Mixed @ Home Studio.

1998 - "SOJOURN" E P :
1. Cowboy. 2. Lusty. 3. Bird.

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