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    Mar 15 2008, 0:18 di brrouunshhooe


    i went and ate cokes

    does anyone know why coke flavored candies have taste like lemons?

    today, i decided to tell you unwated stories for me.
    1.why i haven't watched movies in box offices for only about 5y.>Because i cannot understand any long story. i prefer collurges.i have never thought like i want to write a story of which the spinal column. i need assembled forms, they never be in shapes.it's not come from "a political" news issuances from a corp. i feel organic noises are all unpluged.i want a small tail of telling me what kind of feelings my brain has to react to any disputed militalibanism.i saw a film in a middle of might has a booty.long haired airy-fairies are always by yourside, dulcinea.she should have to be with jellies.Tomahawks are a sort of waste of money she said,she's a hooch!
    i'm really poor now means i can ill afford to pay but healthily affordable.i love my black moil's nights. …
  • DOUR FESTIVAL | Full Line up !

    Giu 7 2006, 16:36 di dourfestival

    The 18th Dour Festival will be held between July 13th and 16th 2006!

    During the summer, Belgium is host to many festivals. One of the biggest will be held in the village of Dour, close by the French border, on an old coal mine site: La Plaine de La Machine à Feu. Dour Festival is the biggest musical event in the French speaking side of Belgium. It was sold-out for the first time in 2005 with over 128.000 people over 4 days. The team is always on the look-out for new bands and new sounds Dour Festival, is first and foremost an alternative music festival, independent and with the lowest possible ticket price but it is also based on discovering new music and artists, tolerance and the love of a good party! The festival site gathers 6 stages, each with their own sounds and genres. Music starts to resonate on the site from 11am and doesn't stop until 5am the next morning.

    For more info :

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