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Sunecage are a pop/rock band from Milano(Italy),wich formed in 2013.

The original idea for the band was developed by singer Davide De Stefano and guitar player Antonio Rubuano,long time friends wich played together in a band called Dreamin'Time for several years in Messina ,before leaving their hometown to study in Milano.

In the early 2013,Davide had the idea for a couple of songs,writing lyrics,vocal line and some themes. So he put together his ideas with Antonio Rubuano's,that arranged the songs for a demo pre-production,recorded at home and never released.

The two musicians left apart the Sunecage project for some month,because they took part of the progressive metal band called Cyrax,wich recorded an album called Reflection(still un-released).
During these sessions,they met bass player Cesare Ferrari and drummer Paolo Biocchi.

After this experience,they came back working on Sunecage songs and completed "Right Love/Wrong Time",with the help of the keyboard player and friend Simone De Benedetto(the founder of Dreamin'Time) who wrote some keyboard lines. At the same time Paolo and Cesare took part of the project.

In June,the band recorded "Right Love/Wrong Time" at Larsen Premoli's "RecLab" studios and released the song on the web in a couple of week.

Now the band is considering the idea of completing new material to record an entire album in 2014.

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