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  • New Sounds in 2009

    Ott 30 2010, 16:43 di AlexboyCO

  • Towards the light

    Mag 10 2010, 10:29 di VratyasVakyas88

    Yesterday was the darkest day of the year and with the -15 degrees celcius and a nasty cold breeze it certainly felt like that here in Finland. Now that we're again moving towards new light we wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone reading this blog for another great year full of subauditive meanderings.

    We're already looking forward to 2010, and hope that it'll take us to places. A European tour would be a nice place to start. We'll also start writing our next album, hoping that it won't take us another four years to complete. Right now we feel inspired.

    - the Subaudition boys
  • Interview with Zillo magazine

    Mag 10 2010, 10:28 di VratyasVakyas88

    Hello people! Here's one of the interviews we've done for the new album. Thanks to people at Zillo for letting us use it.
    Subaudition Zillo Magazine

    1. “The Scope" was written in 4 months whereas “Light On The Path" needed 4 years to be finished. Why did it last that long this time?
    Antti: Of course there were also – or perhaps even mostly – practical matters that forced us to have this long a time between the two albums. Both Roope and I moved to a new city and started studying, for some time Roope also studied some 100 kilometres from Tampere where I’ve been living, so it wasn’t possible to meet every week and write music. But besides these mundane practical things, I truly think that the music just needed that long to come through us. To someone who’s a musician, it might sound ridiculous that it took us four years to write seven songs, but I must say that in that sense I’m not nor do I wish to be a musician. …
  • Gigs with Mick Moss, Duncan Patterson and Lisa Cuthbert (a retrospect)

    Mag 10 2010, 10:26 di VratyasVakyas88

    Hey guys,

    we're just back from the Finnish mini-tour with Mick Moss, Duncan Patterson and Lisa Cuthbert. It was a great trip for us both as a band and as people. Special thanks go to Mick, Duncan and Lisa for having us to share the stage with them and being nice and supportive to us the whole time. Cheers guys!

    The whole experience turned out to be a really good one, so we'll definitely return to the stage sometime soon. Hopefully early next year, as soon as some nice opportunity raises its head. It might be Finland, it might be Europe. Hopefully it'll be both.

    So thanks again to all the people who came to see us and Mick/Duncan/Lisa in Helsinki, Tampere and/or Turku.

    Antti / Subaudition
  • Light on the Path is out now!

    Mag 10 2010, 10:25 di VratyasVakyas88

    Our second album Light On The Path is out now! It comes in a beautiful digipak case. You can buy the album from the following places:
    Levykauppa X

    If you want to buy the album straight from the band, please contact sub_audition hotmail . com (price is 14 euros incl. shipping).

    The past weeks we've been busy rehearsing for the album release shows, which take place in Helsinki (Semifinal), Tampere (Vastavirta) and Turku (Klubi), Finland on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December.

    We look forward to playing our first shows since late 2006, so if you happen to be around, be sure to see us. We're joined by our label mates Antimatter (Mick Moss and Duncan Patterson) who, alongside Antimatter numbers, will play choice tracks from Anathema and Íon. We truly hope that more gigs will follow for Subaudition in early 2010.

    Light on the Path,
    Antti Subaudition
  • Light on the Path now available from us

    Mag 10 2010, 10:22 di VratyasVakyas88

    We're proud to announce that Light On The Path is now available from the band. The price for the beautiful digipak CD is 14€ incl. priority postage everywhere (Suomessa kaksitoista euroa sis. pk.). Paypal available.

    Orders and inquiries: sub_ audition hotmail . com

    Light on the Path now available from us
    We're proud to announce that Light on the Path is now available from the band. The price for the beautiful digipak CD is 14€ incl. priority postage everywhere (Suomessa kaksitoista euroa sis. pk.). Paypal available.

    Orders and inquiries: sub_ audition hotmail . com

    p.s. The Scope album as well as the t-shirt for that album are also still available from us in very limited quantities.

  • Another new song online!

    Mag 10 2010, 10:20 di VratyasVakyas88

    Hey everybody!

    We are about a week from the release date of the album, so we thought we'd raise your appetite with one more new song. This one's called Feathers Fall. Hope you enjoy it. And don't forget to pre-order the album, you can do that with a number of CD vendors over the net.

    Thanks also to everyone who has watched our music video for Alms of the Sun: Alms of the Sun. Please continue to spread the link far and wide.

    Hope to you see many of you in the flesh next week when we're taking on the Finnish mini-tour with the outstanding Antimatter from the UK.

    Antti / Subaudition
  • New music video published!

    Mag 10 2010, 10:18 di VratyasVakyas88

    The music video for the song Alms of the Sun has now been officially published. To view it, go here: Alms of the Sun. Let us know what you think about it!

    The video was written and directed by our old friend Sami Pöyry.

    Antti / Subaudition
  • Pre-order Light on the Path

    Mag 10 2010, 10:16 di VratyasVakyas88

    Hey people!

    Here's a few places you can pre-order the upcoming album Light On The Path from.

    ProMedia Online Shop


    The album should be available around Nov 30!

    Antti / Subaudition