• Last.fm Recommends the Weepies

    Ago 20 2010, 20:24 di Bryanrecommends


    Following the debut of Say I Am You in 2006, Deb Talan & Steve Tannen’s music with The Weepies has appeared on international television, movies, Myspace, iTunes … pretty much everywhere you could turn. They received attention & acclaim from Snow Patrol, Mandy Moore, Indigo Girls… their acoustic brand of has turned up everywhere from One Tree Hill to Grey’s Anatomy; and from JC Pennys to Old Navy.

    Follow through to have a listen, watch some videos & for a free mp3 courtesy of Last.fm & Amazon!

  • some of my favorite lyrics (as a game)

    Set 1 2007, 7:42 di Yai

    I was going to make a post about some of my favorite lyrics and I thought they might work as a lyrics game. They'll probably be ridiculously easy because most are more than one line long but here are some of my favorite lyrics in no particular order . . .
    _______________ _______ _____ ___ _ _ _ _ _

    bold the ones that are guessed correctly.]

    1. With all the luck you've had why are your songs so sad? - Reading in Bed

    2. Tear me apart from you - Tear

    3. There is a hole inside my heart where all of my love comes pouring out. - Nobody Loves You

    4. And you may go, but I know you won't leave - Crestfallen

    5. And there's blood on all our hands - April Tenth

    6. That night her mom said that the two of them and the now dead guy were the only 3 people who ever really lived in Las Vegas - Rock Me Now

    7. I cracked a piece of broken glass - Nobody Loves You

    8. they don't pay attention like their love is somebody else's invention - Saturn's Light

  • review: 1206

    Gen 5 2007, 8:54 di Yai

    Making weekly chart reviews is pretty tedious so I've decided to start making bi-weekly reviews. I did get lazy and miss two week so this journal will be a monthly covering December. This should make a good long post to close out 2007. So here are the top 25 from December.

    [1] Garbage - 192 plays
    Garbage still reigns as queen of my charts ever since I discovered two albums worth of songs I'd never heard before. Theres nothing I don't like about Garbage. Shirley's voice is perfect. The lyrics are amazing an personal. The music is so right in a way I'd never imagine would work. Surprising because I don't like a large majority of rock.

    [2] Metric - 107 plays
    I've been on a big Metric kick lately and have really gotten into the song Siamese Cities of there Static Anonymity EP. It's weird to say this but Metric is the prefect music to listen to in my less Emo moments. This is another one of those bands that make it seem like I'd like rock.

    [3] A Girl Called Eddy - 92 plays
  • post-anniversary

    Dic 20 2006, 6:01 di Yai

    I didn't even realize when I was making my last post that it was my one year anniversary.

    So what has chagned over the year that I have been on last.fm? First of all. I started listening to music. Before music was mostly a non-entity in my life. Sure I'd listen to whatever was on the radio when someone else had it on and I would listen to a couple tracks while drawing or surfing. That did change a bit when I first discovered Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura. I fell in love with music at that point but I was limited in scope. Then came last.fm! Actually my relationship with last.fm started with a whimper rather than a bang. Millhaven suggested it to me and I made a bookmark but didn't think much of it. It wasn't until I wanted to look up some info on an artist and used last.fm to do so that I realized how useful the site could be. After that it pretty much snowballed and I was hooked.

    The First Artist I discovered and fell in love with here was Coldplay but really the ultimate find was Imogen Heap. …
  • Three weeks of new artist

    Nov 20 2006, 8:20 di Yai

    I haven't done a review of my weekly top artist chart in 3 weeks. Partially because I was just to lazy to type them up (:P) but mostly because I've been discovering a lot of new artist these past weeks and I just wanted to make one large post about them. I compiled all the charts into one top 30 chart at the bottom of this post.

    One of my favorite new bands is... My Favorite. Back when killaferra suggested them I liked them enough but I put them on the back burner for a while. There isn't anything that really stood out about them. They have a good sound and both Andrea Vaughn and Michael Grace Jr have great singing voices but it seemed like a lot that I'd heard before. Even after I visited their music a second time I wasn't that taken by it. The third time was the charm. I fell in love, not with anything in specific but all of it in general. I mean all it takes for me to fall in love is a female vocalist but with My Favorite I think it's their variety of songs that eventually got me. …
  • Weepy week.

    Ott 31 2006, 6:40 di Yai

    Finally a weekly chart that I can sink my teeth in! So be prepared for a long journal. (Haha first draft got eaten by the back button.)

    First let me say as far as music goes I'm trying to discover what it is I like. At first I thought it would be an easy task to just label music as "like" or "dislike" but it's not that easy. I've found that it's more of a journey along a changing landscape, always some new to explore again and again. I think I'm made some people mad with my fluctuating taste in music. They'll suggest some music to me and I tell them I don't like it then later they find me listening to it and point out that I said that band sucked to which I can only reply, "they did suck then." Sorry to you who have been a victim of this.

    Anyway who has my journey brought me to this week?

    My obsession with The Weepies has reached fever pitch with me listening to 171 tracks from the artist that make up the Weepies, Deb Talan and Steve Tannen. …