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Born 1954 New Hampshire USA. School and college in New York (Bard College, New York University). Now lives in Milan, Italy. Began professional career in early 1970s playing standup bass in jazz groups. Toward the end of the Seventies he founded, together with John and Evan Lurie, Arto Lindsay and Tony Fier, the group The Lounge Lizards. For five years or so the group performed all over the world, including international festivals and important venues. Their first LP (now CD, Virgin), published in 1981, continues to sell quite a few copies each year.

In parallel with his activity as a jazz instrumentalist, Steve worked in the world of pop music, writing songs and lyrics. He published two LPs under his name (Domestic Exile, Adaptation) in the early 1980s, and began working with songwriters and producers on an international level. “Self Control” written by Bigazzi-Riefoli-Piccolo (1984) with lyrics by Steve sold many millions of copies, reaching number one on charts all over the world.

Second half of 1980s in New York, writing songs and music for theater and films. In the 1990s he moved to Milan and published two CDs with the collaboration of Italian and American musicians: “Hilarity Workshop” (Underground Records, Bologna, 1997) and “Bitter Pill”(Cox 18 Music, Milan, 1999-2000). His songs were included in compilations published by Sony and EMI, and a number of compilations in the United States (see the CD page on this site for DISCOGRAPHY).

Starting in 1995 he returned to frequent live concert activity, playing festivals and theaters in Italy and around Europe with different line-ups, including Italian musicians (jazzmen Giancarlo Locatelli and Filippo Monico), members of new ‘rock’ groups (Massimo Volume, Afterhours, Rosso Maltese) and friends from New York (Elliott Sharp, Zeena Parkins).

On 2008 He joined the project Snakeprint togeher with Neo, Squartet and testadeporcu, tribute to Snakefinger which is going to be available during 2010 produced by Megasound.

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