• Albums of 2012 (90 - 81)

    Dic 22 2012, 22:33 di Punk-Fiction

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    90 – 81

    Sinéad O'Connor -
    How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?

    Ah Ms. O'Connor, it's been far too long. Sometime around the end of middle school and beginning of high school I had this poster hanging up and it was my kind of “when it comes to when women, you don't have to settle, there's still a few original ones out there” message. Which I guess I took to point. But O'Connor has always been that woman that I look at and give an approving head nod to with an eyes-closed thumbs up. She's controversial for the sake of actually getting something done (at least she used to be, before that whole superhappyfuntime marriage 'n' divorce thing).

    I'm not going to say that this lacks the inner fire of her previous works, but something about it just feels a little off. Not in a bad way, but a weird lateral movement. …