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The Band

Speedyrocky is an Italian Band from Quartu Sant’Elena. It was founded in 2008 by three boys, Marco, Paolo and Mirko, influenced by the 70’s sound and with an extremely punk-minimalist attitude in composing lyrics full of pragmatism
and , sometimes, enriched with a sex background.
Although they’re not against the excesses, Speedyrocky replaced the famous rock saying “Sex drugs and rock ‘n roll” with “Sex, milk and rock ‘n roll” cracking a sexual joke…they are tit's famale milk junkie.
Friendship and ambition are the main ingredients of their success, the glue that holds them together and that allows them to be successful and to achieve their goals.
In 2009 they won the “Nastro Azzurro contest” and decided to use the cash to produce their first album “Speedyrocky Vol.1”.

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