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Sophie Lillienne is a trip-hop/electro-alternative project created by VeZzO, singer, musician and producer from Italy. The Project sees various collaboration with producers, musicicans and artists from all over Europe. Since summer 2014, Gioia Guadagnin (contemporary art curator) is part of the project as visual curator/designer.

Sophie Lillenne project began in 2006 with a 3 tracks EP titled “Sophie Lillienne EP”, written and played by VeZzO. The EP was soon followed by a collaboration with Tommaso Mantelli (Captain Mantell, Il Teatro Degli Orrori) titled “Written Walls”.
On March 2009, VeZzO released his first full-length titled “The End Of All The Circles”. The album was published in free download by the french label Core:Back Records.

After some shows with different line-ups, on september 2010, Sophie Lillienne publishes “Singe EP” (Garage Records/Goodfella), preview of the forthcoming new album “Lies, Kisses and Redemption” which was released on February 2011 for Garage Records/Go Down Records/Audioglobe.
The release of Lies, Kisses and Redemption saw the collaboration between VeZzO and THE SPONK STUDIOS a team of Italian video makers. The result were three videos shot in England by Andrew Barone (The Sponk studios, London Yest). After a series of shows that culminates with a gig in the English capital, VeZzO began writing new songs between London and Amsterdam.

This northern European experience leads to the publication of LONESTERDAM, which was released by Hypotron/IRMA records /Self on april 2013, distribution worldwide. The new album was promoted with two European Tours that saw the project sharing the stage with Captain Mantell and Phinx in Germany, Holland, Uk, Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The first and the second single taken from “Lonesterdam”, 420 and Meanless, were broadcasted by many european televisions. During the promotion of the album, VeZzO released many remixes for Italian and foreign bands such as [], [], Drunken Butterfly, Airway, Deftones, Captain Mantell and many other.

Despite the intense activity on December of the same year VeZzO enters in studio and began writing and recording songs for a new album. This time the creative process sees the birth of 22 songs that will be distributed in two works: Immigrants EP and The Fragile Idea. During the realization of the two works begins the artistic collaboration with Gioia Guadagnin (contemporary art curator) which soon becomes part of the project as curator and designer of the visuals:
Immigrants EP: preview in free download of "The Fragile Idea", released by IRMA Records on sepetember 2014. It contains the first single / video from the new album (Immigrants) and 4 tracks not appearing in the new work. The EP was presented in exclusive for NOISEY / VICE Italy.
The Fragile Idea: is a collection of 14 fragile ideas transfigured in as many images that explore an intimistic dimension, to the beliefs and ideals that create our individuality and form our conscience.
The images which integrate the reading and the listening of the songs contained in the album is available in the physical CD and in a downloadable pdf available in the official website of the project. In addition to this THE FRAGILE IDEA sees the realization of a site/virtual gallery, which as a true art installation , will lead us through images, words and music of THE FRAGILE IDEA.
In the realization of this project VeZzO and Gioia used the photographic work of Enrico Zambusi (landscape/advertising photographer) and BigFog production for the production of Immigrants (first single/video taken from The Fragile Ideas also contained in Immigrants EP).

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