• Review: Skalpel - Konfusion

    Dic 6 2005, 23:04 di Fidgital

    The new release from Ninja Tune's Polish jazz sample-heads Skalpel is a really solid record (rekord?) of great musikal merit. Konfusion was released today and Last.fm doesn't yet have it in their database, but trust me, it exists and is worth tracking down.

    Just 10 tracks and 40 minutes long, Konfusion is a beautifully-paced tour of nu-jazz, breakbeat, and jazzy abstrakt hip-hop. At times it reminded me of label-mates The Herbaliser or Amon Tobin, at other times of like-minded grooves from Fila Brazillia or Bugge Wesseltoft. The orientation is to jazz more than bossa, swing more than breaks, and abstrakt more than katchy. But as a whole, it works, delivering a beautiful musik experience equally moving intellektually and emotionally.

    The highlight of the album for me is Test Drive. Its spy movie breaks, awesome big band horn runs, distorted guitar, memorable sax melodies, and great deep mood kombine to kreate something I wouldn't be suprised to see licensed to a ton of movies, TV shows and kommercials. Hot track!