• One Year, Twenty Thousand Tracks... Part 2

    Mag 21 2006, 21:06 di Gilaventi

    6. Sigur Rós

    Ahh... Sigur Rós. I was originally introduced to Sigur Rós by a random Swiss guy who added me for liking Muse after seeing my posts on a comic forum. He sent me a few songs, namely Untitled 4, Untitled 8 and recommended I got hold of Ágætis byrjun, which I duly did. I didn't pick up on the magic though, and the "classical" parts in Starálfur and Viðrar vel til loftárása grated me somewhat and I ended up deleting the album, just keeping the two untitleds. Untitled 8 immediately became a hit with me however, loved the drumming (I had it terribly tagged as Poppalagið back then!).

    Then perhaps 6 months later, in the IRC channel, a certain German called troublekid posted a link to Sigur Rós's new video for Glósóli. I was immediately entranced. The video is beautiful, a kid walking through idyllic Icelandic landscape beating his drum to the beat of the song, with more and more people following, and at the end where the song really rocks out they fly off into the Atlantic Ocean. …
  • Radio Free Dominion 8

    Mar 27 2006, 21:57 di avatarofnirvana

    *Yawn* I'm tired...

    warning: if you are french, i'm not trying to offend you, i don't actually hate the french, or france, though i'll admit to not being the greatest fan of paris, but one city is not indicative of a country. The same goes for Iceland, except that I love Iceland. And yes, I know the language is English not American.

    Alphabetical So the first time I heard this French (shudders) group, was on XRT (93.1, Chicago). They played Run and I was like that's a cool song, then they said they were french, and I probably let out a stream of obscenities. It's a surprisingly good album, and as such replaces 10,000 Hz Legend as my top french album. To be fair, those are the only two I've heard. It's very chill, laid back, I like. I believe Jon, dregsofcoffee has one of their other albums... perhaps i shall see what he thinks of it...

    Good Health I know they're a pretty good band, but this cd just didn't do anything for me. It had a few songs I liked, but was more or less just meh.