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SHISHKO DISCO was first born in the spring of 2014 in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The band is the musical project of the guitar player Moshe Zehavi and the vocalist Joy Tyson.

The diverse musical expression within Shishko spans clear across the world touching notes of Contemporary, Balkan, Turkish, Arabic, Gnawa, Latin, Rock and Funk just to name a few. SHISHKO DISCO creates an energetic, animated and theatrical show that is sure to move a room. The Live Performance is extremely dynamic from jazz ballads to turbo balkan melodies over funky Gnawa rhythms to rocking grooves.

The music of Shishko Disco is written and arranged by Moshe Zehavi, a Modern day Nomad who has developed the international “travelling collective” called SHISHKO for some years now already. Having started somewhere around the Himalaya in India, playing sessions and festivals around Goa, being accompanied by several gifted, talented and passionate musicians on his colourful way between the middle East, India, London and now finally Berlin – like Oshan Mahony (The TURBANS), Madhav Haridaris (Nadistan), Avi & Ahmed (BUKAHARA), Onkel (Ohrbooten, Aligatoah) - the collective session concept still lives on – Moshe and Joy are the steady line-up and will be joined live by many of these amazing befriended musicians now and then. Shishko's music reflects the multi-cultural outlook on life and the musical world that is expressed in SHISHKO DISCO touches an authentic realm of fusion between traditions. When traditions come together it gives birth to a new, wider culture. In this way they are aiming to communicate their message: That every culture being pure and outstanding is also a part of a wider global human culture which we are unraveling ever so rapidly in this time and age.

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