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  • Anni di attività

    2008 – oggi (10 anni)

Shanti People is a Kyiv-based World music band that performs Vedic Mantras to EDM (electronic dance music). The band was based in 2008.

Shanti People had played at the various World festivals: Ozora, Summer Never Ends, Trimurti, FourЭ, GogolFest, Kraina Mriy, Ultra Vague, Put' k Sebe, Kvammanga, Veda Life, Inne Brzmienia, Radhadesh Summer Holi Festival, Hedonism, Another Land , played solo concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc.

In 2013 Shanti People released their first LP “Krishna is love”, which followed with the massive concert tours in Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

After gaining the inspiration and the best music practices in India, Shanti People prepared their second album “Urban Mantras”, which was released in spring 2015. It's concept was intended to help the fans to levitate between the stressful life in big megapolises and peace of mind, which everybody wants to have.

In 2016 Shanti People presented EP "Sita Ram".

The increasing popularity of Mantra music let Shanti People become a really trendy modern project, as they have everything for that: an original material, a talented vocalist, sincerity and belief in what they do which is not common these days.

Brave delivery of ancient Mantras in Sanskrit will be interesting for those who are familiar with Vedic culture and those who have never heard of them. Getting to know Shanti People’s creativity may become your first step on the way to the profound cultural source of India.

Shanti People gain the inspiration from traveling and the best music practices in India, from the sources of Vedic culture, where the music is accepted as the holy sound and is practiced as a meditation for higher reality, displayed as here and now.

Uma, the vocalist of the project: «Mantras are not only eliminate the worries and bring the peacefulness to the mind and heart, but also help to comprehend the nature of the consciousness, which is for the most impostant thing in the practice of self-realization. In our music we try to share our knowledge though a common language of electronic music. We are happy that we can share this treasure with our audience».

The people should dance and sing on the concert.
Also, they should leave it with the feeling of happiness and peacefulness in the heart.
Exactly for this magic Shanti People exists as a project.

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