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ROME IN MONOCHROME, was formed by Gianluca Lucarini (primary creative force behind the grind masters Degenerhate) in 2013 as a solo project, to explore a different musical approach, mostly inspired by drone and doom metal acts. In 2014 his close friend Valerio Granieri (frontman of Heden and Post Ghosts and also involved in various projects as To the end, Assembly line for suicide songs, and solo artist as Grn, ex mgKEYLAB) joined the band in 2014 as vocalist and guitarist, with his shoegaze and delay-esque approach.
After a short period, Riccardo Ponzi (Forgotten Lore, Semeion, Heden, To the end) on bass and Stuart Franzoni (Semeion, Corpsefucking Art, Perfidy Biblical, Lunarsea, mgkeyLAB, Prototype Lab, Degenerhate) on drums, joined the band: this hybrid creature sounds now as a blend of shoegaze, post rock and doom.
In 2015, 26 of August the band released the first ep “Karma Anubis” (in digital format) and the lyric video for the song “Spheres” who has reached remarkable targets of views on Youtube. The instrumental song “Endmusic” has been chosen as original soundtrack for the booktrailer of the novel “Finestre Incendiate” for a literaly contest by the young writer Anna Rita Martire, and the both book and trailer won the first prize its categories, respectively. In the fall of 2015 the band became a six piece, with the new drummer Stefano Soprani (As a Thrown Coin, Post Ghosts) and the new guitarist Alessio Reggi (Post Ghosts), which let Valerio free to leave guitar and concentrate on vocal duties. The band is currently working on the first videoclip for the song “Karma Anubis” and on first full length album.
You will drown in an ethereal, blinding sea of pain, a whiteout of grief, a descent into a maelstrom of caressing void.

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