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  • Anni di attività

    2013 – oggi (7 anni)

Rome In Monochrome is an hybrid creature made of melancholy, an abstract projection of future music, in a lifeless room after doom, s¬hoegaze, slowcore, post-rock, darkwave, progressive have been found dead: a vocal/guitar driven post music, a triumph of resignation and whole confinement, an austere mask hiding the absolute nonsense of life, a photo album filled with misty landscapes and deserted hearts.
The band was founded in 2013 and after several line-up changes and target adjustments, in 2015 released the debut EP "Karma Anubis": the instrumental track "Endmusic" was chosen as the original soundtrack to the booktrailer of the literary opera "Finestre Incendiate" by Anna Rita Martire for the literary contest SpiritiLib(e)ri in which the book and the trailer emerged as winners of the respective categories.
In February 2018 Rome In Monochrome have signed with Solitude Productions/Bad Mood Man Music and released the first full-lenght album "Away from Light" in March. The album has been recorded, mixed and produced by Fabio Fraschini (Novembre, Arctic Plateau) at PlayRec Studio and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound AB Studios. It features Carmelo Orlando from Novembre on screaming vocals on "Paranoia Pitch Black" and it’s dressed up with a desolate landscape by Rhett Podersoo/Machineroom Art.
Rome In Monochrome’s live shows are introspective, elegant and deep experiences of intimate descent into a magnetic and obscure mood, where the band faces ghost emotions and painful memories and brings you by the hand to do the same: they headlined many shows and shared the stage with The Foreshadowing, Onslaught, Anathema (acoustic), Antimatter, Nosound, Shores of Null, Thurisaz, Pantheist, Marche Funebre and others, also opening the 2018 edition of Agglutination Festival (sharing the stage with Death SS, Pestilence, Folkstone, Necrodeath and others).
When you feel you are haunted by your ghosts, just listen: Rome In Monochrome is whispering into your ears that we are all dead, even when alive. Life makes no sense at all, what we long for is aimless and however impossible: to feel, to thrill, to live, to be.
You will be overwhelmed by a liquid, massive ocean of grief, a gentle storm of sorrow, swallowed by a caressing maelstrom of woeful void.
Join the cult of the absence of color.

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