• On Ville and writing

    Apr 2 2011, 3:39 di Angelical_devil

    Two entries in a single day. Wow!
    I was thinking about Ville Laihiala's voice and how it has changed so much in the last few years. It's really shocking! I always loved his voice, so deep and husky, it sends shivers down my spine. Yet I noticed in the last two albums of Poisonblack, Of Rust And Bones and the one that's going to be released soon, his singing is really different, a lot hoarser and cruder, less gothic~ish. I think this goes way beyond his intentions, it sounds simply biological. I remembered when he started the band he said the reason was because he wanted to focus only in playing the guitar since his vocal chords were getting damaged. Still, he had to grab the mic just after one album.
    I still love his voice insanely. He sings with such passion and strength, he still makes my blood freeze and the hairs on my neck stand up and sometimes while listening to tracks like Only You Can Tear Me Apart, Pain Becomes Me or With Her I Die tears make my vision blurry. Yet it's impossible not to notice the change. …