• Bands I've Seen Live

    Lug 3 2009, 15:52 di Takatalvi91

    This is a list of most of the bands that I have seen live. All bands that I have seen are not on this list though. Sometimes, if the bands are too small or I see too little of the gig, I will choose not to add the band to this list.

    The list is written following the template:
    Band/artist name (times seen, if more than one) - Origin country - Dates (only in years) seen (times, if more than one) - Venues seen (times, if more than one)

    An "X" represent that the information is impossible to get (that is; I have forgotten). To get reviews for conserts and festivals that I have been to you have to search the other journal entries, I won't add grades or reviews here. The information is in the correct order, even if there is an "X". So, even if I don't remember exactly which year I saw one band, I most often remember if it was before or after I saw them some other time.

    This list will be updated constantly as I attend new gigs. …