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  • Backspacer - Pearl Jam

    Set 23 2009, 19:44 di iclark76

    Being a Pearl Jam for nearly 20 years, I have greeted the announcement of every album with a mixture of excitement and impatience. Fortunately I am yet to be disappointed. Every album has, for me, offered something different. Maybe not radically different, but different all the same. Thankfully, Backspacer marks another departure.

    My enthusiasm for their new album was heightened as a result of their performance at the O2 - a performance that was probably one of their best in a long time (certainly better than the Wembley Arena gig in 2007). The performance was infused with a passion and energy that would shame bands half their age (hard to believe they are in their 40s now). So, on the back of this performance, how does Backspacer stack up with its predecessors?

    The thing that strikes you most when you first put the album on is how quickly it is all over. Some of their recent offerings (I'm thinking Binaural and Riot Act here) have seemed rather overlong and in need of editing. …