• The rise and fall of the play count (3,000 to date)

    Apr 3 2008, 15:04 di Vii-Pii

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you for listening to my tracks. I'm a home musician recently started posting my songs on the internet.
    Over the first 2 months on Last.Fm, over 500 plays were counted for my songs. To my great surprise I should say. :D. Listeners are from all over the world. Thank you !!!!
    I started to look at the counter tick up: 1,000, 1,500... Then suddenly it dropped. I guess Last.Fm resets it on a regular basis?
    But then, it started to pick up again and recently, the 3,000 mark was crossed. It's 3,050 today. I wonder up to where it'll get this time until it drops again??
    It quite exciting to look at it rise and fall like that.
    I just hope it means some people out there like my stuff! So I'll keep on posting new material on the internet under the 4 names: Dead Go Fast for the dark side, Peachbaend for electronica, S/E/L/F for trip-hop and Vii-Pii for electro pop.
    Cheers from Japan and love to all.
  • Awsome ! eclectic score (try it too!!)

    Mar 20 2008, 15:29 di Vii-Pii

    I tried this awesome lil program and learnt i got very ecletic music taste. Actually it does not really surprise me: I'm also pretty eclectic when it comes to music making: cf my various bands Vii-Pii, Dead Go Fast, Peachbaend and S/E/L/F.

    My eclectic score is currently


    The 91 related artists for my profile are Alien Sex Fiend, Arctic Monkeys, Audioslave, Bauhaus (2), Beck, Blue Öyster Cult, Blur, Camel, Cat Power, Chaos UK, Clan of Xymox, Coldplay, Creedence Clearwater Revival, David Bowie, Deerhoof, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Electrelane, Emerson, Lake & Palmer (2), Fields of the Nephilim, Foo Fighters, Franz Ferdinand, GBH, Garbage, Genesis (2), Gentle Giant, Green Day, Grinderman, Ian Anderson, Iggy Pop, Iggy Pop & James Williamson, Interpol, Jean-Michel Jarre, Joy Division, Justin Sullivan, Kaipa, Kate Bush, Keith Richards, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Leonard Cohen, Levellers, Lou Reed (2), Louise Attaque, Marillion, Matmatah, Mickey 3D, Muse (2), My Bloody Valentine…
  • Vii-Pii: new member introduction

    Feb 21 2008, 22:40 di Vii-Pii

    Hi all!
    I'm Vii-Pii from Japan. Actually I live in Japan, but before that I was French. Means I still am. Anyway, who cares, really?
    I'm into music making ever since I'm a little boy, though you don't want to hear my tunes of that time. Over the years I came to experience various styles, so depending on your taste or mood, you can try Big Beat electronica from Peachbaend, or Lounge Trip Hop from S/E/L/F, or even Indie Dark Electropop by Dead Go Fast, as these are my different band names.
    All comments are welcome, especially if you enjoyed it (feeeeels goooood to hear that), and if it can help me make better music (usually feels less good, but quite useful in fact).
    So nice to hear from you soon!
    Cheers from Japan.
  • 550 plays for Vii-Pii. Thank you !!!

    Feb 20 2008, 23:22 di Vii-Pii

    Hi everyone!!
    Thank you for listening to my tracks. It makes me feel so happy about making music!
    I'm basically a home musician and although I've doing music for many years, it's only recently I started posting my songs on the internet. A friend told me about Last.fm and here I am !
    In the course of the years I've experience different styles depending on the mood of the moment (or the fad of that time~!), or bands I've been playing with, so I registered them under different artist names: Dead Go Fast for the dark side, Peachbaend for electronix, S/E/L/F for trip-hop. And it's all under Vii-Pii anyway.
    To my great surprise, already 550 plays are counted so far in just a couple of months on the 4 names. :D. Listeners are from all over the world. Thank you !!!!
    I'll put more material on line soon as I got loads of it actually, so keep on listening and if you like it spread the word !!
    Cheers and love to all.