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Smokey Joe's Cafe - Lyrics

One day while I was eating beans at Smokey Joe's Cafe
Just sitting, reading all the scene at Smokey Joe's Cafe
A chicken walked in through the door
That I had never seen before
At least I never saw her down at Smokey Joe's Cafe
And I started shaking when she sat right down next to me

Her knees were almost touching mine at Smokey Joe's Cafe
A chill was running down my spine at Smokey Joe's Cafe
And I could smell her sweet perfume
She smiled and made my heart way boom
And everybody in the room at Smokey Joe's Cafe
Said, "Man, be careful, that chick belongs to Smokey Joe"

And from behind the counter I saw a man
A chef's hat on his head and a knife in his hand
He grabbed me by the collar and began to shout
He said "You better eat up all your beans, boy, then clear right out!"

Oh, I know I'll never eat again at Smokey Joe's Cafe
And so we'll never meet again at Smokey Joe's Cafe
And I'd rather eat my chili beans at Jim's or Jack's or John's or Gene's
Than take my chances eating down at Smokey Joe's Cafe
I risked my life when that Smokey Joe's a crazy fool


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