• stop the HELLA hate: a book of irrelevations.

    Feb 25 2007, 22:53 di dontyoutellme


    alright, first off: I was skeptical of the vocals too. Right off I didn't give it a just listen.
    I'm talking about Hella - their new album : there's no 666 in outer space. expanded line-up etc.etc.....e.t.c..
    I wouldn't claim to be the biggest Hella fan, but I fucking love them. Seeing them live is like going through surgery awake and not feeling it. [I've been through that, I would lie to you, would I?]

    So I stalled on getting this album. I'm pretty down with Ipecac because of the
    Melvins releases and stuff, but I was surprised that Hella would go with them. Especially Patton, he's nuts. Maybe they needed better distribution or something.

    The vocals to me are a little Mars Volta-ish. But after a few listens that kind of melted away. I like concentrating on whats going on in the background and then bringing the vocals into it- thats how I got to like this album. Recently Ive been telling people about songs that make me cry. …