• 20,000 tracks

    Giu 12 2008, 16:13 di soggiewaffle

    20,000th track: Distant Early Warning

    Current top artists: (change since last journal)
    1. Dream Theater
    2. Led Zeppelin (+1)
    3. Pink Floyd (-1)
    4. Rush
    5. The Doors (-1)
    6. Jimi Hendrix
    7. Guns N' Roses
    8. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    9. Cream
    10. Yes

    New stuff:

    Favorite songs:
    Hessian Peel
    The Four Horsemen
  • Opeth's Watershed - Have Opeth Finally Lost What Once Made Them Great?

    Giu 10 2008, 10:50 di narmi

    Well, Opeth's new album Watershed has been out for a while now, about a week, and with my extensive listening tendencies to new albums I think I can make an informed decision on whether their new album is any good.

    First off was I excited about the new album? Well sort of. I wasn't too fussed and just bought it the day it came out because after all it is Opeth, one of my all time favourite bands. I was more excited when Ghost Reveries was released back in 2005 however for a couple of reasons I could not muster the same excitement for Watershed. was it the title? Was I over Opeth? Or was it the extensive line up changes over the past 3 years? The latter was an issue - Peter and Martin were now gone. I was very upset when each of them announced their departure and thought to myself that Opeth will never be the same again, even though at the end of the day Opeth is Mikael Akerfeldt.

    Enough time wasting, is the album any good? No, it is brilliant. …
  • Watershed has arrived

    Giu 2 2008, 7:48 di PatrickFMLP

    As you can tell by the name, I'm going to be one of alot who review the new Opeth album Watershed.


    So without further ado.....

    1. Coil 3:11- Three minutes? That's a bit strange for Opeth .... maybe it's just supposed to be an intro? It's not a sad song, it's just soft with some loud strumming bits, and female vocals. Whatever they were trying to do with this track, they probably succeeded in doing, except if it was meant to be a ballad. 6/10

    2. Heir Apparent 8:50 - I guess this is where the album really starts. It's sounds pretty much like any other Opeth song, but the bad thing is that ..... okay, Opeth are known for shifting between heavy death metal and mellower progressive bits in a song, right? Hopefully they didn't think "Oh no, we are shifting enough, time to slot some soft/hard bits in", because it kinda sounds like that on this track. Other than that, it's good. 7/10

  • Opeth - Watershed Review

    Mag 27 2008, 22:15 di Rowan5215

    I, being a big fan of Opeth, decided to do a review of the new Opeth album Watershed. So, here it is:

    Watershed kicks off with Coil, a 3-minute soft song, then goes straight into Heir Apparent, which contains no clean singing. Watershed then goes on into The Lotus Eater, which is probably one of the best songs on the album. After this is a no-growling piano song which goes on for 8 minutes. That is Burden. After this is Porcelain Heart, another song with no growling. Then Hessian Peel, which at one point contains backwards singing. Lastly there's Hex Omega, which has a good solo.

    Well, that was my review. Overall, not Opeth's best album, but not their worst either.