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The project "Nydhog" was born in 2006 from the mind of Riccardo Rieti with the aim to give birth to a project with an aggressive
and club oriented sound that however could count on solid melodic structures, embodying influences from EBM/Futurepop
Gothic,Industrial,Trance,Hard dance music.

In October 2006 Nydhog track "My cold sun" appears on the free Internet Compilation
"ITALIAN BODY MUSIC VOLUME 3" edited by www.electroworld.tk and downloadable at www.italianbodymusic.tk
and on december 2006 follows the first 5-tracks Demo "My cold sun" which obtains good feedback from Italian press
and is declared "DEMO OF THE MONTH" on :Ritual:
magazine (May 2007).

2007-2008: Nydhog releses a Web-EP 2007 featuring a new version of "Spiral", the instrumental track "ROTO" as well
as some first works as remixer
Time has finally come for bringing Nydhog on stage, featuring Ed.Ward as live drummer:
2008 is mostly spent on playing gigs around Italy being the opening act for the italian shows of international acts like
E-Craft, Jager 90 and Harsh EBM masters: HOCICO.

2009-2010: The new demo "Status notification: Failure" is out on free download receiving good feedback from the net.
Nydhog wins the ADAM KULT Remix contest with the track "Sky reaper" which appears on the album "Harsh is dead"
also several other Nydhog Remixes are published: "XP8 - Our time (Nydhog Remix)" on "Drop the mask (Japanese edition)
, State of the union - Dancing in the dark (Nydhog Remix) on "Dancing in the dark CDS"

2011: Nydhog takes part to the compilation "Body Music From Rome" (published by "Electroworld Net Releases") with two original tracks
(Symmetry, I(m)perfection (Club Mix 2011)) and in Feb 2011 the Nydhog remix for BLANK - Nuclear is out on Blank EP "Dreamscape"

The best is yet to come! Stay tuned!

- Demo 2006 features some lyrics and artwork by Gabriele De Seta
- ED.Ward was recluted as drummer for first Nydhog live show and for forthcoming explosive live sets!

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