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Northlane is an Australian metalcore band from Sydney, New South Wales. Founded in 2009, the band has one EP, Hollow Existence and one studio album, Discoveries. They are currently signed to We Are Unified and Distort Entertainment.
During 2010, Alex Milovic left Northlane for The Storm Picturesque from Newcastle. Milovic was replaced by Simon Anderson. Around mid-2011, Anderson was fired from the band; Milovic subsequently left The Storm Picturesque and rejoined Northlane.
In late 2011, the band released their first studio album titled, 'Discoveries'. The album was followed by the 'Discoveries' tour around Australia.
In 2012, the band went to Canada on tour as well as to record their second album, also the title of the lead single which was released in December 2012.
In December 2012 the band toured with Byron Bay hardcore band Parkway Drive, Adelaide metalcore band I Killed The Prom Queen and Gold Coast hardcore band Survival. The band played in most major cities of Australia, however on the 21st of December they missed their flight to Adelaide and a replacement band was found.
In January 2013 the band completed a tour across regional Australia with In Hearts Wake and Endless Heights as supporting acts, in places like Whyalla, Warnambool and Ballarat. They also played in Adelaide at The Cavern to make up for their missed flight the previous month. In most shows the band leaked a new song titled Masquerade, this is likely a song to be featured on their new album due out in 2013.
Despite popular rumours regarding the titled of their upcoming album, it will NOT be called "Worldeater". This has been confirmed by the band to be the title of the single only. The album is instead called "Singularity".
Northlane played at the 2013 Soundwave festival.
Northlane are set to release their new album 'Singularity' on March 22nd 2013. A music video from the album titled 'Quantum Flux' was released on February 22nd 2013. 'Quantum Flux' achieved mainstream success, debuting at number 14 on the Australian ARIA top 20 charts for the week of 04/03/13.

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