• Concerts Summary - May 2008

    Mag 17 2008, 6:55 di heatherc

    My plan is to write-up my May shows (of which there are many). I'll just keep revising this so if you do have any interest in what I have to say (and I don't know why you would) you may just want to wait until June to read it. At shows where I took video, I've chosen one song to embed, but typically there are more from that show on my youtube page.

    Thurs, May 1, The Little Ones (w/ Ladyhawk; Neva Dinova) @ Schubas: First, when I bought my ticket Schubas listed this as Ladyhawk headlining and Neva Dinova opening so I wasn't pleased that they changed headliners on me. Though I had been hearing The Little Ones name for a year or two now and was interested in checking them out. I had downloaded and given one listen to the recent Neva Dinova album before the show and from what I recall I liked it. But I thought they were really boring in concert. I guess they've been around awhile as they had several albums for sale, but after my thoughts on their show I need to re-listen to that album to be sure whether or not I like it. …